Nov 02, 2020

Haribol friends,

I recently gave up coffee for two weeks and I put a post on Facebook about my process.  I was astounded by how much interest and commentary that post generated.  It seems coffee is a hot topic!

So I thought I would also share with you here some of my thoughts on the subject.  First let me say I’m not a huge coffee drinker – I have one a day.  But I do love it.  I do find it hard to give up when I take a break and, yes, I do get a headache. 

Some elements of giving up any addiction are:

  • Letting the habit / ritual go (this is easier if you replace it with an alternative)
  • Change in identity or social perception when you change your behaviour
  • Physical withdrawal (when I give up coffee I get a headache!)

One friend said to me it was harder to give up smoking when she only had one cigarette a day than giving up when she smoked 10 or 20 a day.  She said it’s something about giving up completely that’s really...

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Oct 26, 2020

You've figured out your Ayurvedic constitutional type (and if you haven't you can take our quiz here), but how does this impact your working life? Once you know your type (dosha) you can use it to support your productivity and avoid the potential pitfalls you're most likely to be distracted by.  

If you are a pitta (fire) type: Your strength is in your ability to cut through confusion or overwhelm and get stuff done.  You are focused and linear, approaching tasks with a laser like attention to outcome.  This means you are the most productive of the dosha types.  However when out of balance you can rush and not pay enough attention to detail.  You may also struggle to collaborate with others because pitta's like to be in charge!  Impatience and frustration (leading to sloppiness) are your shadow sides.  Your mantra for productivity is 'I am diligent and consistent and I pay attention to details.'

If you are a vata (air) type: Vatas are the...

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