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Online Training in Ayurveda for Women 

Live your most vibrant and creative life 

You know the value of slowing down but you haven't yet succeeded in creating supportive daily habits.

You want to feel really well on every level but you're still unsure about exactly how to do that. 

You wish to bring the benefits of ayurveda into your life but you're uncertain about how to make it happen. 

All the knowledge in the world won't help you unless you take practical action and that is what the ‘Ayurveda Goddess’ online training is designed to do

Ayurveda Goddess provides a solid framework for living and embodying your most creative and vibrant life. For yourself, your loved ones and – if you are a teacher – your students.  


Namaste, I'm Katie Rose..

I'm the founder of Bhakti Rose and a teacher of Ayurveda and Yoga for over 20 years. I’ve owned and run yoga studios all over the world and spent many years studying in India, the UK, America and Australia. I’ve had the honour and blessing of learning with some of the best ayurveda teachers in the world and from some of the strongest, most authentic lineages.

Ayurveda is often taught in a very prescriptive, complicated and medicalised way.

That’s not my jam at all.

I’m into what works on a practical level in my busy life. With five kids and a business to run, I don’t have time for difficult and elaborate protocols and regimes. So over the years, I’ve become fascinated with the simple tweaks to a daily routine and wellness plan that make all the difference to my life.


Who is this course for?

♡ Yoga teachers

♡ Wellness and life coaches 

♡ Counsellors

♡ Mothers

♡ Social and youth workers 

♡ Busy women of all ages who feel like they don’t have time for self-care

♡ Women feeling a lack of community

♡ Naturopaths, herbalists and practitioners of other natural health modalities

♡ Ayurveda practitioners who want to learn more about the feminine model of care

More than 400 women who have already taken this online ayurveda training for women have benefited enormously: 

Nicola improved her relationship with her teenage daughter by making natural beauty products together.

Stella has experienced profound trauma in her life and said ‘I felt heard and seen regardless of the fact that I did feel vulnerable in a healthy and responsible way. The boundaries you set at the beginning of the session and the acknowledgement of your own privilege in the digital and physical land we all stand on made me feel safe.

 Kaz ran a workshop for her community of friends to support them through difficult menopause symptoms.

 Christina started healing her digestive system through this training and ‘realised that the pain and purging from my gut, which I had experienced, was my body releasing the blockages that had been stifling my intuition. Wow! So powerful Katie!

and lastly Rachel. She added ayurveda as a tool to her coaching and wellness company and found her clients loved the results.

The training is delivered in a video, audio and workbook format. Once you sign up you’ll get access to the whole course straight away.  We’ve recently added gorgeous course notes custom created by artist Suzi Colpa.

  •  Practices for finding and balancing the Divine Feminine (shaktiprana, dharma and bhakti)
  •  Supporting your individual elemental type (dosha)
  •  Reflecting and working on relationships (using the gunas to shift from toxic interactions to wholesome and nourishing ones)
  •  Seasonal rituals and ceremony specifically related to the Australian seasons and landscape
  •  Indigenous insights (including honouring your own ancestry)
  •  Detoxifying and fortifying the body (agni, ama, ojas)
  •  Cultivating your spiritual kitchen and food practices (sadhana)
  •  Embracing the moon and supporting women’s reproductive and menstrual health
  •  Herbs, oils, spices and teas
  •  Subtle body healing (working with energy and intuitive healing)
  •  Embracing the teachings – integration and application in your own life
  •  PLUS loads of bonus content and guest teacher offerings 

Live your most abundant, vibrant and creative life

As the 'sister science' to yoga, Ayurveda is India's traditional natural wellness system.

In this comprehensive online training for women of all ages we will take a deep dive into the world of ayurveda as it applies to busy, modern lives.

Are you keen to share these teachings with your students and clients as an Ayurveda Lifestyle Educator? The certification we offer will give you the knowledge and tools to seamlessly integrate ayurveda into your existing yoga or coaching business.


"Katie has helped me so much in understanding where I stand at this moment in my life. She has giving me the courage required to go and revisit my past, without fear and with less hesitation.."

Also, to explore all those elements that we have been given to navigate in this existence such intuition, dreams, gurus, friends, our mothers and ancestors, our communites, our body with it is different layers and of course, our connection with the divine in any shape it may take, based on our adopted spiritual practice and based on our own identity and personality.

Through meeting Katie this year and doing some of her courses, I have been given the opportunity to solve quite a few issues with my health, but also, has giving me new inspiration, as per where I want to focus my career and my pursuing my dreams.

She has inspired me as a teacher, mother, woman, as a friends. She is one of the most giving and truthful person, I have come across. She really lives up to the mantra that she usually recites, trying to help and contribute to the happiness of whoever she meets with her words, thoughts and actions.

Constantly growing and inspiring hundreds more to do the same, so we all can live our lives in a more meaningful and harmonious way wherever we are in our Journey."

Cielo Hincapie

Guest Teachers

As well as monthly calls with Katie Rose we’re always adding to our list of incredible expert guest teachers. 

This is a constantly evolving training, and the resources are growing all the time, at no extra cost to you.

Here are some of our past guest teachers who presented live just for the Ayurveda Goddess women (these guests will no doubt be back again – and when you join the training, you’ll get access to the recordings of the past live sessions with them).

Sarah McGahan

Intuitive Energy Healer

Power up your intuition with this live activation!

Chasca Summerville


Author of the divine new book 'Ayurvedic Rituals'.

Corrine Beinke

Wildrose Ayurveda Founder

Natural skincare and making your own beauty products. 


Felicia Robey

Ayurveda Master Teacher

Seasonal junctures and goddess honouring ritual.

I teach many trainings every year that are much more expensive than Ayurveda Goddess. 

This is the most accessible and best value way to have lifetime access to these teachings and live private calls with me once a month.  

Once you join us you’re in for life!  It’s a small investment in yourself that will pay you back ten-fold in terms of your own wellness journey and the work you’re able to offer to your students and clients. I’ve kept the price point low – and overdelivered on content because I want to get this work into the hands of as many people as possible.



Business Coaching Module    

Receive Katie Rose’s exclusive guidance on how to launch ayurveda in your business. Regardless of whether you are a yoga teacher or other wellness professional and how experienced you are - Katie will talk you through a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how she built her business and share with you practical tools that will allow you to do the same.


About Katie Rose

Katie Rose is a women’s wellness mentor and educator with twenty-five years of experience teaching yoga and Ayurveda. Katie has managed and owned popular yoga studios in both London and Sydney, and now runs a thriving online community.

Founder and host of the annual Bhakti Women Online Summit, Katie helps women go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to living a life that is aligned with their highest values. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with her five children in a loud and busy household where her spiritual practices and prayerful connection to the Divine keep her steady.


"Ayurveda Goddess felt a bit like it was secretly designed just for me, it hit all the spots!"

"Katie is so very generous in her offerings and knowledge, bringing the ancient teachings to us in a modern, feminine, no BS way that we can relate to with loads of practical, easeful tools, beautifully honouring the rich wisdom & messages behind it.

There's always support with the Facebook group & the Monthly Sangas; seeing familiar faces in the midst of a casual, connected, chat themed and led by Katie, is a favourite and there is a sense of ongoing gentle accountability for me.

What I receive and treasure from Katie's teachings is that she reminds us that we are human, we are here to learn, evolve and share, not be a slave to these wonderful teachings & that we can make them ours, if we get curious, slow down, listen & do a little work.

I am so grateful and proud that Katie is one of my beloved teachers and will always recommend her trainings. I Often like to share in my offerings to my community that I've been inspired by her and I'm just handing the practices down the golden chain."

Karen Emerson

How would it feel to...


♡ Improve your diet, digestion and weight management in a gentle, nourishing and sustainable way

♡ Balance your hormones and menstrual cycle / fertility / menopause health

♡ Meet live in circle (via ZOOM) with other women sharing insights and healing practices together

♡ Practice meditation, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), pranayama (breathing exercises) and chanting

♡ Learn how to best support your unique constitutional type

♡ Experience essential oils, spices and herbal remedies for your unique conditions and constitution

♡ Practice ancient ayurvedic rituals such as techniques for beauty, self-care and creating sacred space

♡ Understand how your yoga practice and yoga teaching style impacts the constitutional types, for yoga teachers this could add a new income stream to your offerings

♡ Work with the gunas (modes of nature) to create more wholesome physical and emotional states of bein

♡ Learn about the unique Australian seasons through the lens of ayurveda, as well as Aboriginal approaches to health and wellness

♡ Support a healthy and happy home environment or family using ayurvedic principles and rhythms





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Module ONE


Protocols and daily rituals (dinacharya).

Your unique constitutional type. 

Shakti, bhakti and sadhana. 

Module two

Seasons and Food

Seasonal cleansing and detox. 

Australian focus on the seasons and Aboriginal wisdom.

Gut health according to ayurveda. 

Digestion (includes delicious recipes!).

Module three

Practices for balance

Relationships and ayurveda. 

A deep dive into the three gunas. 

Module four

Embracing the Moon: Women's Wellness 

Moon cycle (menstruation) health and healing 

Phases of a woman's life from puberty through fertility to menopause. 

Yoni steaming. 


Module five



Regulate agni (digestive fire), remove ama (toxins) and build ojas (immunity).

Ayurveda and immunity. 

Sadhana kitchen. 

Module SIX

Herbs, Oils, Spices & Teas 

Homemade beauty and self-care.

Seasonal masalas.

Ayurveda and essential oils. 

Herbal magic. 

Module seven

Subtle Body Healing


Japa (mantra meditation).

Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). 

Koshas (our subtle layers).

Chakra balancing (healing relationships and finding wellness in the subtle body). 

Module Eight


Guest teacher interviews. 

Personal development and ayurveda. 

A huge bundle of bonuses including our new business module. 



A Parting Note From Katie

When I first started teaching yoga and ayurveda over 20 years ago there was a focus on sharing knowledge and information. I spent many years in India studying with yogic masters in ashrams and learning about ayurveda in humble home kitchens. Back then, information about these teachings wasn’t as easy to come by as it is now. The knowledge was more precious and I felt humbled by my access to it.  In Ayurveda Goddess I share with you much of what I learned hands-on in these early years of my studies.

So much has changed in the time since then but the ancient teachings remain steadfast and reliable and I find it so comforting to remember that some things don’t change. Peppermint will always be good for cooling an over-heated temperament. A warming drink and a listening ear will always provide comfort and a feeling of safety. Mothers will always worry for their children and the energy of our ancestors will always impact our lives today (for better or worse).

Something has changed though with the advent of the internet and the busy-ness of our lives. Knowledge is no longer our most powerful asset – application is.  These days it’s easy to know what we’re meant to be doing and to access information (sometimes in excess and to the point of overload). What we struggle with is applying what we know. We know how to improve our sleep or diet or mental health but we’re too overwhelmed and exhausted to take the necessary steps to do so.

This training will help you do the things you need to do to improve your wellness. We will work in bite size pieces for steady change. In a world where most of us have a ‘To Do’ list that’s become unmanageable I’ll help you be accountable and skilful in supporting yourself and your loved ones on the journey of change to a better lifestyle. I’ll be your guide and you’ll enjoy the journey – I promise.


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