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Trust Life, Trust Yourself, Find Peace

the new book by Katie Rose, published by Affirm Press, January 2024

find faith, access intuition, make a plan ♡

Have you lost faith in the idea that the Universe is working for you, rather than against you? Have you dreamt of making big changes in your life but find yourself stuck in a routine, with habitual patterns that feel hard to break out of? Or maybe you jump into change and adventure a little too quickly, and as a result you’ve been burnt and find it hard to believe that things will ever work out again.


Learning to trust your own judgement, and that the Universe supports you – even when things feel really tough – is within your reach. When trust is deep enough, we know that even if we fail, we’ve won because we had a go and that is all life is asking of us. 

Drawing on modern psychology as well as elements of ancient philosophy and yogic wisdom, author Katie Rose guides you through the dance between being in your power and surrendering, as you learn to trust yourself every step of the way.


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Bhakti Rose acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognises their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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Mindful Living

Katie Manitsas, published February 2019

'MINDFUL LIVING, Everyday Practices for a Sacred and Happy Life' published by Rockpool.

The book is about the application of 'sadhana' in our lives. Sadhana means ‘conscious spiritual practice’, and it really has little to do with what you’re doing on the outside and everything to do with what is going on inside. For example drinking a cup of tea is a sadhana if it is done with gratitude and elegance; such as we see in the exquisite Japanese tea ceremonies. Sadhana can be applied to anything you do that is uplifting and elevates you beyond the mundane or selfish. Sadhana is always anchored in ahimsa (non-violence, or kindness), because for a practice to be spiritual – filled with spirit – it must not harm another. Sadhana means to act, to do something, to be in the world yet deeply connected to your spirit.

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Mindful Living Journal

Katie Rose, published January 2021

Uncover your greatest capacity for compassion and wisdom through the pages of the Mindful Living Journal. From international author and teacher Katie Rose comes an immersive, joyful tool to awaken your hidden sage and nurture a life of meditation and mindfulness.

Connection to creativity, self-reflection and developing mindfulness are all sparked by the practice of journalling. When you give words to what you are thinking, feeling and dreaming up you develop a process for self-awareness, and journalling provides an inexpensive and always accessible personal growth tool that supports a deep dive into the world of understanding yourself, manifesting your dreams and setting clear intentions.

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Mindful Living Affirmation Cards

Katie Rose, published January 2021

Expand your heart through sacred wisdom and mindfulness. Deepen your meditations and daily spiritual practice through these thirty-six cards of intuitive messages drawn from ayurvedic wisdom and yogic philosophy. Themes include routines for honoring the energy body, working with the elements, eating food with kindness, and daily rhythms to soothe the soul.

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The Yoga of Birth

Katie Rose, Second Edition out now - revised and updated

Second edition reprinted after 10 years of sales! This book shows that both physical yoga practice and yoga philosophy and lifestyle are relevant and useful during pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life.

As any parent knows having a child can be an anxious time but nervous mums can find guidance in this book which deals with everything from staying healthy during pregnancy to information on food for infants.

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Yoga Off the Mat

Katie Manitsas, published February 2010

From vegetarian diet to caring for the environment and sticking to a meditation practice Katie makes suggestions you will find inspiring, practical and useful whether you consider yourself a practitioner of yoga or not!  We often hear and learn that yoga is about far more than stretching your physical body or staying fit. How can we take the values we wish to cultivate in our lives and put them into action? How can we live ethical, integrity filled lives amidst the current culture which values materiality over the goal of happiness through inner transformation? These are some of the questions explored in ‘Yoga Off the Mat’.

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Spiritual Survival and the City

Katie Spiers, published June 2004

‘You don't cure the body with the body, you cure the body with the mind.' - Plato. Spiritual Survival and the City is a clear-sighted assessment of the challenges of modern life, and a guide to slowing down and discovering true peace and serenity. It brings together practical information on yoga, meditation, breathing and prayer, and guidance on many forms of spiritual practice to help us find peace amid the whirlwind of modern living.

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Recipes For Natural Beauty

Katie Spiers, published May 1998

100 Homemade Treatments for Radiant Beauty

Improve your skin tone, minimise wrinkles, and bring out healthy, shiny hair by using inexpensive natural ingredients that can be found at the local supermarket or health food store at a fraction of the cost of commercially available cosmetics. This book is ideal for anyone who has allergies, sensitive skin, or prefers using pure and natural ingredients in their health care products.

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