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Ayurveda Sadhana Course for Women 

(in-person 4-day training)

May 13 - 16, 2022
November 4 - 7, 2022
Krishna Village, Northern NSW

 Are you tired of running on ‘empty’, trying to balance daily commitments to family and work, always putting yourself last? Living the paradox of most modern women, who seem to have it all and yet are too exhausted to feel joyous and radiant? Do you crave a nurturing space of loving self-care? The chance to delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda while holding and sharing a uniquely feminine experience with a group of newly-found sisters? Then this Ayurveda Sadhana Weekend might be just the ‘you time’ you need.

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The Yoga of Birth

(in-person 4-day training)

 August 05 - 08, 2022
Krishna Village, Northern NSW

Are you a certified yoga teacher looking to expand your skillset? Do you love to provide a nurturing space of loving self-care for women? Or are you a doula or mum-to-be who would love to deepen your understanding of the yogic practice through a beautiful, nourishing retreat experience?​

​Either way, join us for a joyous, wholesome getaway with seasoned teachers who create a loving space of femininity, self-care, and motherhood for all stages of life. This course serves as a nurturing time of self-care for expecting mothers as well as accredited training for yoga teachers.

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Online Monthly Mentoring Sessions

for Yoga Teachers

in collaboration with Sukha Mukha Yoga

Every month we meet on zoom to keep the conversation and the discussion open about what it means to be a yoga teacher these days. We explore different areas and tools that we can bring into our practice, life and teachings. 

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Online Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Four live modules.  BOOKING FOR 2022 NOW AVAILABLE.   In collaboration with Sukha Mukha Yoga via livestream.

This Advanced Teacher Training with Katie Rose and Idit Hefer-Tamir is for teachers who are looking to elevate their teaching to a higher level through ongoing yogic studies, mentorship and connection with other teachers and the trainers themselves. Continue to be inspired on your teaching journey by immersing yourself in this module-based course that covers a variety of topics, spanning across many aspects of yoga.​

For teachers who already hold a 200-hour teaching certificate or equivalent, on completion of this module-based course, you will graduate with an Advanced Teacher Training certificate accredited with Yoga Australia. Alternatively, these modules can be taken alone to accrue CPD points, or to deepen your understanding of a specific area.

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Yoga & Ayurveda for the Individual with Katie Rose

Online Advanced Teacher Training 

In collaboration with Sukha Mukha Yoga via livestream. This module can be taken on its own or as part of the 150 hour Advanced Teacher Training 2022.  

May 20 - May 22, 2022

Working one-to-one with students gives us an opportunity to go deeper. How many times as a yoga teacher have you observed a student in the class and noted that with just a little time together you could help them amplify and elevate their practice enormously? Whether it is to offer guidance on alignment, breath, or general confidence and self-mastery, most of us can benefit from focused attention in our practice. In fact, this is the way yoga was always traditionally taught and there are many benefits to it. In this module you will: 

- Develop and reflect on your own personal practice (sadhana) as a way of getting really clear on what you can offer out in the world as a teacher.

 - Grow in confidence and ‘up-level’ your teaching, no matter how long you have been teaching for. 

- Receive individual feedback from Katie on your teaching and your practice. 

- Practice and learn some beautiful mantras and Japa meditation 

- Do a teaching observation and unpack what you observe as a methodology for learning - this module is super practical and we use breakout groups via zoom as a method for really making the online space work as a learning environment. 

- Dive into teaching the full spectrum of yoga in your classes including pranayama, chanting, spiritual ‘dharma’, guided relaxation, and holding space for true personal growth. The nuts and bolts of how to build a rich, diverse, and truly holistic yoga class. 

- Learn about women's work, yoga practice for the moon cycle, and serving women in your classes and workshops. 

- Learn about the 5 koshas or layers of the self and how we can use this subtle anatomy model to serve our students in a yoga class on all levels - body, subtle body, emotional body, mind, and spirit-soul.

- Gain some valuable business insights into how to make teaching yoga sustainable and financially viable as a career, specifically by adding private sessions with your students to your offerings.

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Sacred Scripture with Katie Rose

Online Advanced Teacher Training  

In collaboration with Sukha Mukha Yoga via livestream. This module can be taken on its own or as part of the 150 hour Advanced Teacher Training 2022.  

Friday July 22 – 24th, 2022

Drawing on the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras, learn how to effectively integrate spiritual teachings of yoga into your classes naturally, without being too ‘out-there’ or ‘over-sharing’ your personal story. Learn philosophy of yoga in relation to daily life, mantra, and chanting with Nada yoga (music). Explore what it means to be a spiritual activist and the path of the yogi in the modern world.​There are many conversations at this time about cultural appropriation and yoga teaching - when we understand and teach through the lens of Scripture, particularly the ethics of the Yamas and Niyamas (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra) we are much less likely to cause offense or misrepresent yoga. 

My teacher David Life calls English the language of ’trade and commerce’ and Sanskrit the language of ‘poetry and philosophy’. Through looking at the Scriptures in their original format we understand the depth of yoga. 

“We need a language such as Sanskrit to capture the complexity of our deeper nature. It doesn’t make sense to use the language of the analyzing mind to cut through its own illusions, so we employ the poetry, philosophy, and vibration of Sanskrit to balance the limitations of our thinking, describing, analyzing mind.” (Russell Paul)​

This Sacred Scripture training is very practical, relevant, and alive. We don’t get too ‘academic’ or bogged down in the scholarly study. You will learn to understand the original Scriptures, bring them to life in your own worldview and experience and then develop the tools to share them skillfully with your students.

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