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Things I’m Loving This Month (from Katie Rose)

things i'm loving Oct 01, 2021
Bhakti Rose - Katie Rose

Just for fun I’m going to start a new first of the month tradition with you and share some of what I’ve been up to and what’s been in my world over the previous four weeks.  I hope you enjoy my musings … 

Things I’m loving this month (from Katie Rose) ... 

♡ Contemplating what it means to live life in a 5km radius (and then during isolation within the radius of my own four walls).  There are some things I miss deeply … friends, the ocean, the bush and a good chai in a favourite cafe would be the main ones.  But there are so many silver linings.  Getting to know my kids in a different less ‘busy’ way.  Spending a tonne of time with my partner and loving him more and more each day (which is great news because we’re having a baby together in the not so distant future!) and homemaking which I’ve always enjoyed. 

♡ Watching Marie Kondo and the Minimalist documentaries on Netflix. These have been around for a while but I’m deep in declutter and nesting mode now that I’m past the first trimester of this pregnancy (and we’re locked down so there isn’t much else to do!).  I recently did a decluttering challenge with the wonderful yoga and Ayurveda teacher Amy Landry.  The discipline will be in not buying more junk online to replace the stuff I’ve just given away!

♡ Indulging in frankincense essential oil.  In the bath, in my diffuser, on the crown of my head.  This oil is the go to elixir for kings and queens.  Good for immunity, grounding and resilience.  All qualities I need to amplify right now. 

♡ Reading ‘Earthed’ by Rebecca Schiller. I loved this book. It’s set very close to where I grew up in the south-east of England and the reflections of the English seasons and countryside were so evocative and happy for me.  I’m very interested in the idea of neuro-diversity and I feel that we’re becoming less and less tolerant as a society and culture of what used to be thought of as eccentricity.  Too often diversity in terms of our mental health and idiosyncrasies is pathologised and pigeonholed.  I enjoyed that in this book the author went on a journey of self-discovery and wasn’t too quick to label or medicate herself.  This book was a delight to read and a catalyst for deep contemplation.  

♡ Listening to lots of podcasts about natural birth.  Partly because I’m planning my fifth natural birth for our baby girl and partly because I’m so excited to be teaching my Yoga of Birth live course starting next week.  

♡ Healing from having corona virus.  Yep, you read that right, all my boys and I have had it and are in various stages of recovery.  It wasn’t pleasant at all and I’m really very glad that I’d already had one shot of Pfizer when I got sick so the symptoms were manageable.  Still, it’s a reckoner this pandemic and I’m grateful to be through the other side of being unwell.  In terms of healing: lots of sleep, tons of fresh juice every day and some great mindset sessions with my friend and colleague Sarah McGahan all helped.  Shout out to the Aussie healthcare and social services systems which looked after us so well. We are blessed to call this country home. 

Sending you all so much love this day and every day, 

Katie Rose x  




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