What are essential oils?

Essential oils are plant-based distillations which contain within them (in a highly concentrated form!) the high vibrations, transformation potential and medicinal framework for healing on every level.  They smell amazing, work effectively and are a safe and effective way to bring better health into your life, your home and in service of your friends, kids, family and communities. Not sure where to begin?  We will work with you to suggest a wellness plan tailored to your individual needs for the oils so you can try them yourself.  

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My love affair with essential oils (and why I chose doTERRA)


When I was in High School I participated in a work experience program to see what it was like to have a job in the ‘real world’.  I knew I wanted to do something that helped people; that was my primary goal. I had thoughts about becoming a doctor and for my first work experience experiment I spent a week in the pharmacy department of a hospital.  After a week of counting out capsules and packaging up prescriptions I was utterly astounded at the amount of meds some people were taking. It seemed a wonder they didn’t rattle as they walked away they were so full of pills! 

A month later I tried something different and landed a work experience placement in a small natural health centre close to the village where I lived.  They offered treatments such as aromatherapy massage and acupuncture and had a small shop.  I learnt to mix herb blends, make creams and poultices.  I learnt a lot about essential oils, herbs and nutrition.  It was the start of a life long journey of learning and healthy living.  The people who ran that business were a husband and wife team, they really took me under their wings and it’s where I first discovered yoga; a practice which informed the rest of my life.  

Fast forward a tiny bit and I left home really young at the age of 16. My first job was working for Culpeper the Herbalist which then was a beautiful large store in Covent Garden, London.  I loved working there and being in such a vibrant and bohemian area.  Sometimes my friends and I got cheap tickets to the Opera or just hung around after work watching the Street Performers practice their art. At Culpeper I learnt more about the oils and how they could be used for health and healing.  I started using them more in my own life and the love affair began in earnest. 

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Since then I’ve written a book about making natural skin and beauty products using essential oils, I still make and use all my own home cleaning products, I use the oils for ailments and to help sleep and settling with my four children.  I also use them in cooking and for my skin which I’ve had a lot of problems with over the years (it’s so much better now). 

I’ve been referring people to doTERRA for years now because I know their oils are ethically sourced and excellent quality.  I use them myself.  Recently I’ve been doing more referrals and I figured I could make this a side focus for my business. 


Integrity and joyful magic ... 

I have been deeply inspired by doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation work, for example in the area of anti-human trafficking or feminine hygiene initiatives in developing countries. I also have found the doTERRA products to be by far the best quality I have experienced and after doing the due diligence of research into the integrity of the company I am impressed with the ethical sourcing and transparent supply chains

For me gathering in women’s homes to learn about the oils and their uses are beautiful opportunities for connection.  When you put a group of women in a room with a few vegan snacks, some herbal teas, the oils and an educator who can inspire them, magic happens.  This can happen in person and even online through virtual gatherings!  Women are learning to use essential oils to care for themselves, their kids and to de-tox their lives.  This could not be more aligned with my values and the mission of my work.  It’s like a Women’s Circle that smells great.  My intention is to share these plant-based wonders, which I am passionate about.  What makes this consistent with my core values is that the education is given for free and generously.  Essential oils work not just on the physical body but also on the mind and emotions.  They are literally the healing power and potency of plant medicine distilled into intense little bottles of joyful magic. I love the witchy, wise woman element of using nature’s bounty for healing and pottering around with herbs and oils to make my own remedies. It saves money too and is so much better for the environment than buying lots of over the counter cleaning products, pharmaceuticals and skin-care gimmicks.


Recently I listened to a podcast with Elena Brower and Melissa Ambrosini. I have a huge fan-crush on both of these amazing women.  Elena is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I know and her podcast, books and teachings have had a deep impact on me. Melissa’s work has taught me a lot about walking the talk and living in alignment with my values.  They are both sharing doTERRA and its magic with their tribes; the work they are doing in the world inspires me deeply.  They are keeping themselves and their families healthy, extending that to their communities and the supporting other women to make money.  I wanted in after I heard that podcast!   

Have you seen the show Outlander?  I fancy myself as a bit of a modern-day Geillis with a kitchen full of drying herbs, distilling concoctions and a reputation for being able to heal people with plant magic.  Working with essential oils is a platform that allows me to live that dream with support and product quality control (I know these oils are good and they work).  So that’s a little about why doTERRA and my vision.


It’s always, always my intention in my work to be of service and this is another avenue for that.  Come join me as we walk off into the sunset together inhaling the fragrance of Lavender Peace and Citrus Bliss.  

Hari OM

Katie Rose  

P.S. If you are interested in joining my team and working together with these incredible medicinal oils please do connect.  I’ll give you all the resources and support you need to start your own journey of using and sharing the oils.  If you want to host a women’s party / essential oils circle for your friends I’d be delighted to hear from you.  It’s free and there is no financial obligation. Still got more questions?  Please contact me so we can discuss your own wellness goals and how these oils can enliven your heart and mind one drop at a time. 

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'You are being called on to activate something new. The energy is to build and invent, you are a visionary. Always listen closely to the compass of your own heart.'

- Katie Rose

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