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Things I’m Loving This Month (from Katie Rose)

things i'm loving Nov 01, 2021
Bhakti Rose - Things I'm Loving

As promised here is the latest 'Things I’m Loving' list, enjoy! ♡ 
Contemplating - early morning ritual and ceremony.  Inspired by an incredible course I'm doing with Tara Bliss and leading me to offer my own support for you in this area.  
Enjoying the essential oil combination of magnolia (the 'grandmother' of all essential oils) and the doTerra 'forgive' blend for my tender spirit at the moment. Read more about my essential oil work here.
Learning about running a business without being too reliant on social media and making a practice of spending less time scrolling myself. Leonie Dawson has been a huge inspiration to me here and I’m closely following her journey of navigating her (very successful) business and life without social media (check out her fabulous planning books too!)  
Loving the live calls from my current Yoga of Birth training. Most recently we talked about personal trauma, ancestral trauma and karma – three facets of healing very close to my heart. If you're interested in pregnancy, prenatal yoga and postnatal care, this training is for you.  Learn more about it here
Starting to think about Christmas (already!) and re-reading this awesome book (if you're a parent who is sick of the commercialisation of Christmas this is for you).
Reading these two books: 'The Mountain is You' by Brianna Wiest and 'The Birth Space' by Gabrielle Nancarrow - both fabulous. 
Crushing hard on author and ayurveda colleague Chasca Summerville who recently created the new book 'Ayurvedic Rituals' (I know, more books!  What can I tell you!  I love books!) it is absolutely divine and Chasca is coming in as a live guest to my Ayurveda Goddess program today.  So excited for our conversation! 
Sending you love and gratitude, 
Katie Rose x 
P.P.S I’m going to have a massive sale of my Ayurveda Goddess training and Yoga of Birth training on Black Friday (end of November) – so watch out for that if you’ve been considering signing up for either of these courses.  There will be an even bigger discount if you purchase both.  Next year I’ll be relaunching these courses at a higher price point and with new materials (and a fancy re-brand) and peeps who buy now will have access to the new version for no extra cost.  This month is the chance to save $$$ - you can start the course at any time after purchase and you’ll have lifetime access. Look out for the Black Friday sale.



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