Remember Yourself: Morning Ceremony

and Ritual with Katie Rose

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Welcome dear friends,

As I sit at my desk in my home office here in Sydney it couldn’t be a better moment to bring my latest online offering to you.  It’s a cool and rainy day and I’m cosy inside, excited to share with you a little something I’ve been brewing for a couple of weeks now.

Reemerge November 2021

I invite you to join me for four early morning sessions of ritual and ceremony online over the month of November.  We will come together weekly to:

Reemerge from separation - the physical separation this pandemic has created but also the separation in our hearts which keep us from community,  support and loving each other. 

Reemerge from feeling burdened - by the stress and busyness of our lives and the feeling that there is never enough time and certainly no time for self-care.

Reemerge into transformation - because out of hardship comes some of the best learning and growing.

Buy Now for only $150

Over the month, in four morning sessions together we will:

♡ Practice gentle meditation using guided visulisation

Cultivate intentional action for clarity and mindful living

Ceremoniously gather in sacred circle

Engage in the ritual of creating sacred space, showing up for practices and prioritising our spiritual selves

'There is no such thing as self-sabotage because the behaviours you think are holding you back are really just meeting your needs; its just a matter of seeing them for what they are and finding better, healthier ways to fullfill them.' Brianna Wiest 

We will meet at 6.30am for one hour via zoom on: 

Friday November 5th  

Friday November 12th 

Friday November 19th and  

Friday November 26th 

Once you’ve signed up I’ll send you information about how to prepare and what to expect.  But know this, our journey together will be nourishing, gentle and kind.  In addition to the live calls you'll also have access to our exclusive course portal which will include additional resources to support you. 

Please note because of the nature of this offering I’m not offering the option of individual sessions, Iet’s all commit to the four-week container together.  If you miss a session that’s totally fine – you can catch up with the recordings which will be available for 30 days after we finish.

The things that are bothering you right now are not external forces - they are your own mind identifying how your life can be changed and transformed.  If you continue not to take action the sirens will only get louder.  Small changes to daily habits are a foundation for sustained and powerful change in your mental and spiritual health. Change rarely happens in a breakthrough moment but usually thorough micro-habits that cumulate to form sustained transformation.  A morning practice of ritual and ceremony - even just for ten minutes a day - will be a game changer in your overall wellness and embodied expansion as a woman. 

Buy Now for only $150

For me this time is a reemerging from the first trimester of my pregnancy and from the lockdown here in Sydney.  My morning practice has slipped to its bare bones and I want to reinvigorate and juice it up.  There is no better way to do this than with you, my community. Now is the time for a month of morning ritual and ceremony. I need to do this for myself and I’d love you to join me. 

Your guide ...

Katie Rose is an inspirational mentor and teacher, making ancient yogic and ayurvedic wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women. Her solid grounding in mindfulness and spirituality, along with her authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach, leadership and community building strengths has earnt her an enthusiastic following amongst yogis in Australia.

As a published author, advanced level Jivamukti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga teacher, ayurveda consultant and doula, women’s health and wellbeing are Katie’s specialty. She holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia and over 20 years, has trained hundreds of yoga teachers.  She started her yogic career at age 19 as a volunteer cleaner at the prestigious TriYoga in London.  By 24 Katie was managing the Primrose Hill TriYoga flagship location after which she moved to Australia in 2004 and founded her own yoga studio ‘Samadhi Yoga’ in Newtown.  In 2007 Katie co-founded Jivamukti Yoga Sydney which at its peak was a four location Sydney based business and is a community that continues to thrive today.

She has a deep compassion for animals and reverence for nature. Her most recent book (released by Rockpool Publishing in Australia, USA and UK), ‘Mindful Living’, was published in 2019 and the journal and inspiration cards to follow on its success are now also available. Katie has been a guest on many podcasts and in a feature length piece on Radio National about her life. 

Katie is the mother of four boys and lives in Sydney’s super-hip Inner West. She is attempting to practice what she teaches; creating a life that is based in conscious spiritual practice.

A month of peaceful mornings ...

Buy Now for $150

What people are saying: "I'm a youth worker and lead with my heart. While I love my work, I tend to forget about loving myself, caring for myself and am learning to be better at filling my own cup. I am super happy to be taking Katie's online course. I'm so excited to step away from the spiritual supermarket and give myself permission to follow something that lights me up."


What people are saying: "Katie Rose is an inspired and gifted teacher with so much to offer. Her lifelong commitment to the art of teaching yoga, her profound knowledge and generous spirit has inspired me on my own journey as a teacher. Katie has deep insights, clear delivery and original content to share with all who are blessed to take her trainings."


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