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Things I’m Loving This Month (from Katie Rose)

things i'm loving Mar 31, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Lila Rose

Namaste beauty,

I felt in need of a great pilgrimage so I sat still for three days and God came to me.’ Kabir

Welcome to my ‘first of the month’ round up of inspiration, reflection and things I’m enjoying right now.

The biggest news this month is I’m literally typing this one handed because I’m also breastfeeding baby Leela Rose who arrived earthside on March 12th.  She’s a little sunbeam of joy in what feels like a troubled world right now and we’re delighted to welcome her into our family.  Her six older brothers already adore her!

So this last month has been slow and steady for me, lots of down time and rest.

You can read about my labour preparation here and my postnatal recovery here if you’re interested in the baby stuff.

I’ve also been …

Surrendering as a practice.  This isn’t easy for me as a pitta (fire) constitutional type in ayurveda.  Pitta is all about getting stuff done, control and planning. This last few weeks has involved lots of letting go. Not my strongest skill!  And exacerbated by the fact that baby-girl arrived 10 days past her due date.

Manifesting or rather reflecting on the art of manifesting as part of a series of blogs / posts about bringing your dreams into reality that I’ve recently written.  In these long form posts I'll be sharing with you my own personal practice in this area as well as some insider content into the things I've manifested (some of them might surprise you!) and the challenges I've met along the way. You can read the first in the series here.

Making a YouTube channel – a space where I can collect resources on ayurveda, yoga and birthwork and share them with you.  If you’re into YouTube please subscribe to my channel here.  You’ll be helping me out by subscribing because once I get to 100 subscribers I can offer more content and share more resources with you.

Watching The Great British Bake Off.  I’m not at all adverse to a bit of reality TV (I know it’s trash!  I still love it!) but I don’t like the ones that descend into bitching and meanness.  Bake Off is THE BEST because ... cake!  And everyone is so lovely and kind! Perfect postnatal rainy days at home viewing. This season even has a vegan baker in it.

Learning from the Australian Writers Centre more about the art of writing non-fiction.  I’m starting to map out my next book which will be by far my most personal and vulnerable writing to date.  Their trainings have been a huge help to me as a writer over the years. 

Parenting in the fullest spectrum of the word!  The other day I found myself breastfeeding on the couch in my lounge room.  At the same time I was helping my 12 year-old with his history assignment and having a conversation with my 15 year-old about whether he is old enough to attend a music festival. I have so many years of this ahead of me.  All I can do is surrender to doing my best in each moment. 

Listening to this podcast (for those of you running your own business who are interested in ethical profits and business as activism) and this one (for those of you who struggle, like me, with Mumma-guilt).

I’m sending love to you and yours, and prayers to all those suffering at this time especially in Ukraine and closer to home in Northern NSW.

Katie Rose x 

P.S. In May I’m offering a live round of my Ayurveda Goddess training with lots of free bonuses and six live calls.  If you’ve felt called to this training, now is a great time to join us.  The live round is the same cost as the regular version and in May you’ll get so many bonuses and lots of extra support to see you though your studies.



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