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My Personal Postnatal Recovery Plan  

pregnancy Mar 23, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Personal Postnatal Recovery Plan

This is a personal and subjective list of the resources, practitioners and remedies I have used in my own post-natal journey of recovery, especially after the birth of my daughter in 2022.  I’m sharing it because many of you have asked me to!  It’s certainly not the only way, it was just my personal way.  I suggest you design your own program according to your own needs and wishes.  The first forty days after birthing your baby should be easeful and gentle so if any of this feels stressful to you my advice is simple – leave it out!

Danielle Escobar’s online course and book were important resources for me, and her food guidelines (from the book) were basically the protocol I followed. She is also a wonderful postnatal Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Listening – Sacred Windows podcast and this episode from Cate Stillman (YogaHealer) 

Rose Card Deck Rebecca Campbell – this was specifically special to me because our baby girl's middle name is Rose and my last name as well as my business name is ‘Rose’.  Roses are very special in my life and practicing some ritual and ceremony with these cards was a precious part of preparing to birth for me.  You might want to find your own deck or special way of ritualistically preparing for birth. 

Essential oils for postnatal recovery that I used are the Clary Calm roll on from DoTerra and their magnolia oil.

I also used self-massage oils (abhyanga) from Felicia Robey and received massage treatments from her in my pregnancy (so good!). Find her here

I also love the Weleda Arnica oil for postnatal recovery. 

Flower Remedies

I’ve always loved flower remedies.  When I lived in the UK I used the Bach Flower Remedies but since moving to Australia I’ve fallen in love with the Bush Flower Remedies.  These three were the ones I personally used around my birthing time but you should be guided by your intuition as to what will work for you:

Flannel Flower – beautiful for a baby in womb to keep the heart chakra open, simple gratitude, qualities that feel lost can be found (like courage and capacity).

Black Eye Susan – for impatience (helpful towards the end of pregnancy) and the feeling of always being on the go.  Helps with slowing down.

Fringed Violet – to protect the aura (useful in a birth centre or hospital environment).

Ora Health Hormonal Balance Herbs (I love this company all their products are good) and Bhakti Blends Divine Mumma tea.

'Yes, slowing down during the early weeks and months can be a challenge in this speedy world — particularly for the woman who is intelligent, capable and used to “doing.” This is especially true if she had a great birth: she feels on top of the world and may have the tendency to perform, to organise, to accomplish. But here’s a central piece of the transformation process: when a mother chooses instead to enter a primarily receptive mode during this time…to freefall into the hazy, uncharted territory of her baby’s subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signals and rhythms…to slip into nature’s intended entrainment with his breathing, his moods, his sleep…to let his soul imprint itself upon hers…she casts a shimmering net of secure connectedness far into the future of her relationship with that child, and his relationship with life.' Gurmukh 



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