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Pregnancy and Labour Remedies Kit

ayurveda pregnancy Dec 26, 2021
Bhakti Rose - Pregnancy & Labour Remedies Kit

Namaste friends, this is a bit of a subjective / personal list of items I use as a doula when I am supporting a woman in labour but also that I have in my own labour kit for my own births (currently all ready for our baby girl due in early March).  It’s a bit random but these are the items I’ve used over the years again and again and found to be incredibly supportive.  Use them all or pick the ones that appeal to your needs.


Weleda Arnica Homeopathic Remedy

Amazing for healing immediately post-labour (good for both a vaginal and c-section birth), supports the body in muscular recovery and the recovering from the feeling that you’ve been ‘beaten up’!  I’m also a big fan of the arnica oil from Weleda to use topically both during pregnancy and for post-natal recovery.


Labour Essential Oils Blend

 My own blend for labour uses a heavenly combo of black spruce, clary sage, geranium, frankincense and vetiver.  Can be used in the diffuser during labour and / or rubbed on the body diluted in fractionated coconut oil.


Black Eyed Susan Australian Bush Flower Essence 

Vibrational essence for centring yourself and feeling patient with divine timing (especially good for the end of pregnancy when you just want the baby to be born already!)


Fringed Violet Australian Bush Flower Essence

Vibrational essence for fortifying and sealing the aura, gives energetic protection.  Good for labour in a hospital environment.


Tea Tree Pessaries

For postnatal recovery, use once bleeding has stopped in combination with yoni steaming.


Bhakti Blends Pregnancy Tea

A premium, organic, loose leaf tea to support pregnancy. Wild Yam is a wonderful hormonal balancer and helps with soothing the nerves and stagnation of energy in the body. Shatavari is the ‘cure-all’ women’s herb which we love and include in so many of our blends for women. Ginger may help to ease nausea in pregnancy and mint adds deliciousness.


Bhakti Blends Post Natal Tea

A premium, organic, loose leaf tea to support postnatal recovery and breastfeeding. Fenugreek is used by many traditions and ancestries to support breastfeeding women. It reduces the wind or ‘air’ (vata) element which will pass through into breastmilk in both flow and digestibility (for bubba). Fennel also has the quality of creating breastmilk that is easily digestible for little tummies and it is especially good for mummas of babies with colic or wind to drink tea with fennel in it. Shatavari is an all round tonic for women’s wellness and the goji is fortifying and nourishing to ‘build’ the life-force (prana) in the body after the arduous experience of giving birth.


Orchard Street Smoothies

Nourishment and sustenance for labour and beyond.  The Yin blend and the Yang blend are my two personal favourites.  It is hard to eat food during labour but sipping on these will keep your bloody sugar and hydration up.


Ora Hormonal Balance

 I love these products.  The combo of shatavari and ashwagandha in this formulation is a post-natal dream come true to help with the regulation of hormonal activity.

Please check with your naturopath or doctor before using any of these products if you have any concerns around safety.



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