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Sacred Entrepreneurship

business Jan 11, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Sacred Entrepreneurship

I know many of you in this space with me are self-employed and running your own business.  Perhaps you're a yoga teacher, a coach, a body-work therapist or some other kind of wellness advocate. Being an entrepreneur in the modern world is a tough gig!  The freedom and lifestyle flexibility is wonderful but there can be loneliness and income ups and downs to deal with which are challenging.  If you need support with the business side of being self-employed I made this bundle of resources just for you. 

Recently I’ve been learning and reading about the idea of a way of seeing the world called ‘Gene Keys’ (if you’re interested listen to this podcast) and particularly the idea that in any business or creative project a group of like-minded people often come together, seemingly by chance and make magic beyond what could have been done individually.  These groups in the language of the ‘Gene Keys’ work are known as fractals.  I think of the people I work with in all the facets of my business as one such fractal.  All the women who have done my Ayurveda Goddess program and gone on to serve their own families and communities.  The doulas, midwifes and yoga teachers who offer teachings on the Yoga of Birth and my devoted essential oils team of both customers and colleagues.  A group of incredible humans who I love working and creating with.  One of the best elements of all my work has been the collaborators, friends and mentors I have met and all of my programs and offerings cultivate this. The community. If this is an idea that lights you up I invite you to reply to this email and let’s talk about what’s possible for you, your business and your work and income potential with my trainings, offerings and the essential oils and tea biz.  Come join our fractal!

My interpretation of a fractal based business structure is simply the cooperation and collaboration of various self-led networks, a.k.a. fractal lines, moving in synergy with one another in the interests of a shared higher purpose. In my world, this looks like magnetising your soul business family (the people you were destined to work with, your “fractal line”) and weaving together your unique talents into a synergy based collective.’ Ellie Seilern

For me gathering in women’s homes to learn about the oils, or in a yoga studio to share the teachings of Ayurveda are beautiful opportunities for connection.  When you put a group of women in a room with a few vegan snacks, some herbal teas, the oils and an educator who can inspire them, magic happens.  This can happen in person and even online through virtual gatherings!  Women are learning to use the techniques of Ayurveda and yoga philosophy to care for themselves, their kids and to de-tox their lives.  This could not be more aligned with my values and the mission of my work. My intention is simply to share these plant-based wonders and powerful ancient teachings, which I am passionate about.  And I want to empower you to share in the same way and build a business for yourself based on sacred entrepreneurship whatever kind of wellness work you are doing in the world.



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