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Manifest Your Dreams - Part 2

manifestation series May 14, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Manifest Your Dreams - Part 2

Welcome back to the 'Manifest Your Dreams' series. Let's dive into this month's themes. 

Being of Service

Manifesting your dreams can be of great service to others.  I’m not a big fan of using intention setting techniques to manifest material gain or to feed unnecessary greed. I believe we should use this type of work to achieve our spiritual and dharmic goals so we can be of great use in the world and greater service to ourselves and others. A good example would be making a promise to yourself or an intention (in Sanskrit we call this a ‘sankulpa’) to observe a vegetarian diet.

One of my favourite manifestation stories is that of Srila Prabhupada when he came to America as a penniless elderly man and founded the Hare Krishna movement. I also think of Ingrid Newkirk and her personal vision as an animal rights activist that led to the founding of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, now the largest animal rights charity in the world. Both these individuals had an unshakeably strong resolve and vision that focused on being of service and the both manifested a great deal.

One of the reasons we might make a resolve or sankalpa is to help us to stick with our intentions, to be serious about them. There may be some tapas (fire, discipline) needed and by making a promise to yourself you are most likely to not give up.

Forgiveness, Trust and Letting Go

Part of manifestation is in the need to let go of the past to create the future you want to live. 

Often what people do is jump straight into manifestation and intention setting without paying attention to the past. For example in business. I know when I want to up level my work or when I want to manifest something new in my work, the best way to do that is to do some reviewing of the past, learning from my mistakes, cleansing, and clearing, and then setting intentions.

That's by far the most powerful approach rather than just kind of bundling through and rolling what comes next in with what came in the past. Sometimes we can't wait … we’re all, ‘OK new intention, right go!’, but we're not actually looking at what the patterns are, what are the programmes that keep getting triggered, even with my best intentions. They keep getting triggered and then the same thing keeps happening in relationships with business, with friendships, with family.  By clearing old patterns and shifting them we create space for bringing in new energy.

Here are some ways to clear old patterns and bring in new energy:

  • Work with an energy healer like the incredible Sarah McGahan.
  • Listen to some music that changes your mood and aligns with what you want to manifest.
  • Experiment with scent – for example an essential oil which reminds you to let go and move on each time you inhale it (I love bergamot, rosemary and grapefruit as a blend for this – find out more about using essential oils for spiritual and emotional support here).
  • Journal it out – free form write about whatever is on your mind. It’s so cathartic to do this!

This month is all about letting go of attachment and instead being open to change and new ways of seeing and doing. 

Try journaling on the following questions for some insight:

  • Where in your life are you clinging and attached?
  • Are you willing to let your attachments go?
  • And how are you expressing more gratitude?

Until next month – keep believing!

Katie Rose x



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