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Things I’m Loving This Month (from Katie Rose)

things i'm loving Dec 01, 2021
Bhakti Rose - Things I'm Loving

Namaste dear friends, 

Here is the latest instalment in my monthly ritual of sharing with you. Enjoy! 

This month I’m loving … 

Watching All Creatures Great and Small (on Britbox).  I loved the books as a young adult and the first televised versoin (also made in my childhood but re-watched not so long ago) and this new reinterpretation does not disappoint.  Helen’s gorgeous vintage outfits!  The Yorkshire Dales!  Mrs Hall’s meals!  If you love British classic drama this is for you. 

Reading Ken Follet - again. His book ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ is one of my all-time favourite novels.  I found a couple of second-hand copies in bookshops this year and nabbed them to give as Christmas gifts. It looks intimidating because it’s so long but honestly every person I’ve ever recommended this book to ever has whipped through it.  Comes with a ‘you’ll be up until midnight reading’ warning! 

Listening to the new Sacred Window Podcast (wonderful for new Mummas, birthworkers and postnatal support peeps) which is inspiring me prepare for the birth of my baby girl with grace and ease. 

Parenting with a focus on letting go.  Another one of my children will start High School in January.  My youngest will start Kindy.  And my eldest just joined the gym (because basically he’s an adult!).  A perpetual journey of loving and releasing and praying and feeling my heart is so full and also breaking all at once every day. 

Healing my tendency to rush and only focus on being productive.  Structuring my days intentionally to support myself in slowing down and reaping the rewards.  

Looking forward to visiting a few markets in person including the Sydney Vegan Market and the Christmas Market at Carriageworks which reminds me of Christmas at home in England. I really love this time of year.

Cooking this recipe from Divya Alter's ayurvedic cooking book (yes I’m obsessed with her!).  Oh my Krishna! YUM! 

Preparing for Christmas …  this year I’ve taken a very low key approach (which isn’t the case every year) and I’m looking forward to making some simple yummy dishes to share with family and friends as well as thinking carefully about gifts which are sustainable and environmentally considerate. 

Sending love to you all, 
Katie Rose x 

P.S. I have a wee favour to ask if you're a fan of my work.  Could you write Bhakti Rose a google review?  I'd be so grateful!



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