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Things I’m Loving This Month (from Katie Rose)

things i'm loving Jun 30, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Things I'm Loving July 2022

True beauty is the radical liberation and deconstruction of beauty norms.’ Shabadpreet


Namaste dear friends,

I can’t believe we are mid-way through the year already! It’s mind blowing to me how fast time goes these days.

If you are in Australia I hope you’re enjoying the cooler months and the quiet that this time of year affords us.  Here’s a round-up of some of the bits and pieces I’m into at the moment:

Listening to … this incredible new live meditation album from one of my favourites (baby Leela loves it too!).

Reading … I’ve read two books in the last month which were compelling and heart wrenching.  Both left me with a profound sense of gratitude for the ease and privilege of the life I live. ‘Four Winds’ is a new novel set in the Great Depression in America.  I learnt a lot about American history through this story and about hardship. I spent several nights cosy in bed reading, feeling profound gratitude that my kids were sleeping in the house around me warm and fed and well.   ‘Wild’ is a book that’s been around for a while but I’ve only just got to reading it myself.  It is a memoire about a long walk through California and one woman’s ‘vision quest’.   I drove this route myself a number of years ago and its absolutely stunning but walking it alone is something completely different. Either one of these books will have you overflowing with gratitude next time you so much as pour yourself a glass of water! 

By the way, so many of you ask me how I find time to read.  The answer is very, very simple.  I often read instead of watching TV. It’s that simple. I don’t watch TV or scroll on my phone that much and I read instead.

But talking of watching … I did love this beautiful doco about Indigenous education and found it very moving.  And for all of you interested in birth work and pregnancy this is next on my list. Oh, as well as the movie adaptations of the two books I mentioned above (I always like to read the book first, watch the movie second).

Learning with … Myra Lewin. This month I did her free 'Flow with the Feminine' course which was excellent.  Always learning, always growing.  I want to be Myra when I grow up!

Finally...  these tips really piqued my interest.  So practical and so sweet.  I’ve long been a fan of Jodi and her work, and as she recommends I'm off for an early night (to read in bed!!).

Sending love, 
Katie x 

P.S. Here's a little free gift from me it's some journaling prompts and reflections about 'Beauty'.  You might be surprised, beauty is much deeper than you think!



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