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Manifest Your Dreams - Part 4

manifestation series Jul 14, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Manifest Your Dreams - Part 4

Last in the series!!  

When you know yourself, then you will be known and you will understand that you are children of the Living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you dwell in poverty and you are poverty.’ – Jesus Christ, The Gospel According to Thomas 

I love this quote from the Bible which instructs us so clearly to stay in our own lane and stop comparing ourselves to others. Knowing yourself and focusing on your own strengths and goals lifts you out of all the kinds of spiritual poverty - the poverty of thinking you are not enough, the poverty of thinking you are not worthy and the poverty of thinking you have nothing to give.  

There is a beautiful word in the Sanskrit language that translates as something like a mix between a promise, a resolve, a prayer and an intention. The word is sankalpa, and making a sankulpa is a very powerful thing to do. A sankulpa always has at its core as an uplifting ideal or spiritual value. It could be quite mundane and practical (for example, a resolve to give up smoking), or based in more profound values and aspirations. The most effective way to set a sankulpa is in the present as if it’s already happened, for example, ‘I am a non-smoker’. The most effective time to recite your sankulpa is when you are rested and relaxed, because in this way it will enter your subconscious as already real. This is why during the practice of yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation) a sankulpa is often suggested. If there is something in your life you wish to change, particularly a bad habit or behaviour, setting the intention to change is the first step. 

Ritual and Energy Work 

Daily action is a spiritually aligned intention that will bring us back to alignment with who we really want to be, and what we want to feel in ourselves and our bodies in the world, rather than living on auto-pilot. 

The trouble is the world that we live in, and the society that we live in can be very toxic in many ways. There are a lot of things that we women must work against. When it comes to things like self-esteem, body image, or role in society, we must work quite hard to keep ourselves on an even keel. 

It's not that we're all broken and damaged, it’s that the culture that we live in, has a lot of innate challenges within it. So, as women working in the healing space, in consciousness, we must constantly, and throughout the day be checking in and sort of saying, ‘is this in alignment?’, ‘is this in my best and highest interest?’. Because a lot of the messaging coming in from the media, from external sources, and from society is toxic. One of the best ways to check for alignment and ‘stay in our own lane’ is through practicing ritual and ceremony as part of our everyday lives.  

‘I use ceremony to connect to my authentic self and to my spirit—I work on crafting a life that I am proud to live in. Although we may not notice, ceremonies and rituals pop up in everything from our morning routines, our practice of yoga, our faith and act as important markers for life changes and choices. With a little awareness we can rediscover the beauty of inviting ceremonies into our own personal spaces. No matter what your profession or path, we can all benefit from and enjoy the magic of everyday ritual.’ Ana Forrest on ceremony (her book Fierce Medicine is incredible) 

Examples of ways to bring ceremony / ritual into your manifestation practices; 

  • Use an inspiring, confidence boosting image as the screen saver on phone or laptop. 
  • Create an altar especially for something, e.g. your business or as a blessing space for your children. 
  • Write a letter from your future-self as if the thing you want to manifest is already done, e.g. congratulating yourself for achieving a milestone in your work.  
  • Create a chart or image that you fill in as you get closer to your numbers (colour in a target) or stickers chart. 
  • Have an image or phrase (affirmation) or piece of music or essential oil that you use to anchor yourself into that which you are wishing to manifest through repetition (for example preparing for a birth). 

Here is something you might like to use in your meditation practice that I've been playing with recently: 

In deep meditation you can repeat the phrase ‘I Am Spirit Soul’ (either out loud or silently) with your hands placed, one on top of the other on your heart centre. The phrase ‘I am Spirit Soul’ reminds us of our highest, best self. The part of us that is good, light, content and living in service. It cuts through the ‘being stuck state’ we sometimes experience when we get too caught up in the petty or mundane. 

‘I am Spirit Soul’ is my own translation of the Sanskrit mantra (from the ancient yoga scripture known as the Upanishads) TAT TVAM ASI. 

One other translation of this mantra is ‘thou art that’ meaning you and God / Source / the Divine / the Goddess are the same. 

And if you have been following along and have some manifestation or sankulpa stories to share please feel free by emailing [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.  

With great love all is possible! 

Katie Rose x 



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