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Manifest Your Dreams - Part 1

manifestation series Apr 14, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Manifest Your Dreams - Part 1

Manifestation practices and intention setting are another way of thinking about living in your true dharma, or answering the calling of your heart to be of service in the world. The practice of manifestation will enable you to become a pro-active participant in your life, and to avoid the feeling that life is ‘coming at you’. If you are unclear about your dharma or purpose in life or feel overwhelmed by choices, manifestation will help you. The intentions you set and the goals you wish to manifest will give you clues about what your soul is longing for. This process is useful for making decisions both big and small.

The balance of action and energy in manifestation

Grab a paper and a pen and set yourself up for a meditative experience. We will be calling in the things that we want to manifest, the intentions that we want to set and we're going to focus on what that process of manifestation can look like.

Take a few deep breaths and feel that a sense of clearing is unfolding. Through your breath, we've created a sacred space and within that sacred space is an empty container that we can now begin to abundantly fill.

Of course, this process of clearing and cleansing, and letting go is constant. It's not a practice that we do just once, but for now, focus on feelings of spaciousness and expansion. Now you can place your hands on your heart, or you can release your hands into your lap and continue in meditation for a few moments, making sure you're comfortable.

Part of the practice of manifestation is in the balance between action and energy work. It’s the balance between taking practical steps to bring in what it is that you're wanting to bring in as well as the visualisation, the energetic clearing, staying in connection to what is in your best and highest interest.

Just for a moment, I invite you now to tap into where is it that you excel. Are you more of a practical action steps person and perhaps forgetting about the energetic back-end to your practical actions? Or you are more of a spiritual or energy-based person who forgets to take the practical, necessary action steps?

There's a famous saying in the Muslim faith which is sort of humorous but also very accurate. It says, “Believe in Allah but first, tie up your camel”. So, this is exactly the balance of the practical and the energetic. We put our faith in the Source (the Divine), we put faith in the Universe, but at the same time, we do what needs to be done. We tie the camel up, so it doesn't run away or get stolen.

The sweet spot of that balance between energy and action is when the magic can really happen, that's when we can really start to focus our intentions and manifest.

The other thing I wanted to say about manifestation and intention setting before we jump in, is a phrase I love to use. It’s, ‘this or something better’, because we get very fixated on what it is we think we want. But sometimes, the Source, the Universe - God has something even better in mind for us, so if we become overly attached, or rigid in our attachment, we can end up losing something that's either right in front of our noses or even a bit more deeply aligned to our best and highest interest.

I'll give you a little example from my own life. A few years ago I was divorcing my husband and buying a house to live in, and I had my heart set on a house that needed a lot of renovation. I did all the things. I had a picture of it on my altar. I was talking to people about it, I was organising all the money to go to the auction, I was visualising it every night before I went to bed. I did all the energetic and practical things to get this house. At the same time, I was very clear in that intention of 'this or something better than this' - I was open to something in deeper alignment, that I couldn't even see.

I didn't get the house. It went for auction; it went for much higher than I was able to afford. I got a different house. I look back now, and I thank goodness I didn't get that house that needed so much work. That would have been financially and physically depleting, and the house I ended up getting was ready to move into, it hardly needed any work. So, I had in my head an idea of what I thought was in my best and highest interest but Source had a different idea which was way better.

Source always has the best ideas, so can we stay in that sweet spot of not only taking practical action, taking care of the energetics of our intentions, and our manifestations, but also staying in the driving seat of our own lives, being very clear about what it is we want to magnetise and draw in, whilst at the same time, remaining very available and open to that which we can't yet see and we're not yet able to clearly name. This is where the magic happens. When you can stay in alignment with the Source, you can stay in alignment with your dreams, because the energy moves through you but you don't lose sight; you don't become so vague that you lose sight of any sense of intentionality.

Let's reflect for a moment on the idea of success. ‘Success’ is a very interesting term. I recently read a definition of success that said, ‘success is freedom and success is spare time’. So, the invitation here is to expand your awareness of what success might be. What would feel truly abundant to you right now, what would feel truly expanding? Is it healing in a particular relationship? Is it more time? Is it more freedom?

For me, one of my definitions of success is more time in nature. I feel like I am succeeding and really winning when I have more time in nature. Of course, we can have these more classical definitions of success like milestones in your work, milestones in your career, or your finances. They're totally fine too but just take a moment now to contemplate deeply and be open to some clarity around what success might mean for you. When something downloads just write it in your journal.


Here are some practical action steps to take in the next month: 

  • Build trust in yourself by doing what you say you’ll do. Don’t degrade your magnetism by not keeping your promises to yourself.  
  • Clean and clear out. I recently spent some time creating sacred space in my home, particularly in the bedroom. I was clearing the top of a chest of drawers that has my jewellery and things on it and put some little pictures, some flowers, and a candle. I made it beautiful like a sacred space, an altar. It doesn't have to be anything too elaborate. You don't have to put it off because you feel like it's a big task that you've got to dedicate a lot of time to. We create in our heads this obstacle of ‘l will do that later’, because it's a thing that's going to take time and energy. It can literally take 10 minutes to clear off the top of a bookshelf or chest of drawers, or that little shelf in your kitchen or wherever it might be. Place a crystal thoughtfully, or a picture that is inspiring to you or a flower - keep it super simple. By doing this, what we do is create an anchor point; we create a reminder so that every time we see that space, we have that sacred feeling in our home and are connected to what our intention is. First, we really connect to what it is we want to let go of and next, what it is that we want to magnetise and draw in.
  • Look around for some images, in magazines or online, that reflect the energies of what you're wanting to draw in, and you might even put one or two of those images in the sacred space you've created in your home. It could be anything that resonates with you. It's like vision boarding. You're really holding space within that little sacred container that you've created and over the next few weeks, you will build on that. You don't need to do it all perfectly right now. Just make a start.
  • The other thing that you might want to do is have a bit of a spring clean, to have a bit of cleaning and tidying up of your home. Do it in such a way that really evokes the quality of Sadhana. Sadhana is a Sanskrit word from the yoga tradition, and it means conscious spiritual practice. I've got a lot of children, so I know a lot about doing housework. We can do housework as a conscious spiritual practice. So, clean your bathroom, change your bedsheets, burn some incense or some sage, have a little tidying up phase. Maybe even move some furniture around and create a fresh feeling in a different part of your home. 

Remember you don't have to tackle everything. It doesn't have to be that you do your whole house in a huge effort  - choose an area that feels congested, that feels stuck. if you want to change your diet, go into your kitchen. If you need to improve your sleep, concentrate on your bedroom. Whatever area of your life it is that you feel like you want to create change, focus on that area in your home. Just spend half an hour and I guarantee you that the change in the energy, in the way that you feel will be remarkable. So, that's some practical homework for you before we connect again next month in this manifestation series. 



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