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Making Space for Creativity By Careful Planning

things i'm loving Mar 01, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Making Space for Creativity

Namaste dear friends, 

This month instead of my usual round up of things I've been enjoying in the past weeks I thought I'd share with you my personal Bhakti Women Summit highlights from 2022.  

Early February saw the gathering of hundreds of women in a virtual space of healing, collaboration and celebration. The summit was so full of golden moments of joy, awareness and insight that it’s very difficult to summarise but there were a few themes that shone out which I’ve attempted to summarise here.  If you missed the live summit and you would like to receive the recordings of these sessions you can get the bundle of all the recordings for $249 by clicking here. Bhakti Women Summit will be back in 2023, stay connected for updates. 

Here are my personal 'golden nuggets' from the 2022 offerings: 

Making Space for Creativity Through Careful Planning  

♡ In discussing the balance of discipline and freedom Sharon Gannon spoke about the power of careful planning and scheduling as a method for finding inner freedom.  She especially highlighted the need for committing to showing up for your practice and the freedom we can find in honouring the discipline of spiritual practice that has elements of repetition every day. ‘Through repeatition the magic is forced to arise’.  

Elena Brower got super practical and had us pull out our schedules and add in items that prioritise self-care.  She also spoke about how creating a sustainable and joyful schedule makes space in the mind for ‘bigger thinking’.  She showed us her personal hand-made daily planner (a work of art in itself) full of beauty and utterly inspiring as a tool for crafting a life of love and service. ‘Being with myself in an artful way.’ 

Nurturing and Healing Your Past / Inner Young Girl  

♡ Both Elena Brower and Henrike Schreer showed us images of themselves as young girls (so cute!) and encouraged us to honour and cherish the young girl within your adult womanhood.  

Biet Simkin guided a powerful and intense energy moving meditation.  Her focus was on somatic self-healing and release.  Lots of tears and lots of powerful letting go.  Part of her session was an invitation to wrap your arms around your own body and comfort your own inner little girl with kindness and compassion.   

Minding Your Own Business 

 Sharon Gannon reminded us that we have more than enough on our plates with healing and purifying ourselves! Let’s not focus on what we see is wrong with others.  Let’s practice letting go of judgement.  Let’s mind our own business.  

Sandeep Virdi also described how the astrology of 2022 is clearly geared towards directing us to not get involved in other people’s drama.  This is a year for self-reflection and self-care not focusing on the rights and wrongs of others. 

Felica Robey discussed how we can keep our nervous system in better regulation by not engaging in angry or divisive (ayurvedically that's pitta aggravating) social media interactions.  

Simple Daily Practices  

♡ As always we learnt that simple sadhana (conscious daily spiritual practice) is best.  What is needed to heal ourselves and the planet isn’t complicated, the invitation from many presenters was to come back to simplicity and intuition.   

♡ Sharon Gannon spoke of the joy of ‘staying home’ and tending to animals, the home and simple daily lifestyle.  Felicia Robey spoke of the joy of cleaning and both Elena Brower and Sarah McGahan reminded us that decluttering and clearing our external environment creates space in the mind.  

♡ Both Felicia Robey and Chasca Summerville spoke of the pleasure in creating your own simple self-care products and simple foods and daily rituals. Withdrawing as a practice for exploring your own creativity and connecting to self.  

♡ Poetry and dance: several of our presenters write poetry and make exquisite art.  Shabadpreet reminded us that we can amplify our grace and beauty as a woman by embodying organic movement and celebrating our creative nature through gentle self-expression. 

It's fascinating to me that these themes were not curated or discussed by the presenters in advance.  The summit holds its own energy – like any women’s circle – the healing threads run through as women gather and all that is required is the intention for collective healing and uplifting each other.  

Here is what one participant (Julie) had to say about this year's Summit, 'Katie Thank you. Not in nearly 30 years of working with human behaviour / psychology and yoga have I felt so uplifted only half way through the Bhakti Women's Summit. Both Shabadpreet's Celestial Communication and the wonderful talk on the feminine and masculine energies both an absolute highlight for me.

Sending love to you all, 

Katie Rose x



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