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Easter Reflections - Kali Power

Apr 03, 2021

Namaste beauty!

I hope you are enjoying a restful and decadent long weekend, however you celebrate Easter.  I mean ‘decadent’ in the simplest form of the word.  For me these days decadence is all about time and attention. When I slow down and listen to my child carefully, or sip my chai mindfully, or jump in the ocean and feel my whole being recalibrated into vibrant cell-tingling zing that’s decadent living. May each and every moment of our lives be filled with the decadence of embodied living! 

At its root this time of year is about renewal.  I’ve been thinking about this a bit recently and what it means to start new.  There is a lot in my life that I’ve been letting go of and shedding. And while she might not be an obvious Easter symbol I’m going to be calling on plenty of Kali energy in the next few weeks.  Kali (image above) is all power and one of my favourite goddess archetypes. Kali chopped off her lover's head (Shiva) when he annoyed her. She lived to regret it deeply … fortunately Shiva was powerful enough to resurrect and forgive her.  An ex-boyfriend of mine nicknamed me ‘Kali’ when I disagreed with him. Hmmmm ... what became of him?!? 

Part of the energy of renewal is setting intention or personal goals (‘sankulpa’ in Sanskrit).  I have a number that are unfolding this year already.  Some for love, some for my own personal development (more patience and flow; less repeating of old unhelpful patterns) and some in my work (thank you to all who attended Bhakti Women’s Summit what a golden, shining delight of a trip that was!). 

Because so many of you ask for my recommendations here are some of my recent favourites to keep you in your flow over the long weekend: 

Listening to this talk from two of my favourite super-heroes Sharon Gannon and Ingrid Newkirk 

Watching this incredible documentary from the homeland of Bhakti Yoga about women, education and so called 'progress'.

Reading my way slowly through this rich and diverse book list

Learning and growing with so many mentors and guides but in particular right now Milla Prince (for all things herbs and tarot) and Guru Jagat (go here to listen to the podcast recording of her contribution to Bhakti Women’s Summit). 

I’ll end by telling you something I heard from Guru Jagat recently.  She says ‘It takes the same amount of energy to carry your trauma as it does to carry your destiny.  But you can’t carry both.  You will have to choose.’ 

I’m choosing destiny!  Lived in full-blown Kali-power.

How about you?  With love, 

Katie Rose x 

P.S. Kali invites us to remember our wildness.  Let’s not become too tamed. Sometimes we need some fire in the belly. Fire in the heart. Passion to fight. And the power to forgive. Jai Kali Ma!  Want more of this?  Join our next free online Women’s Circle on the 1st of every month.  Sign up here.



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