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Intentions and Blessings for 2022 (from Katie Rose)

things i'm loving Jan 01, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Intentions and Blessings for 2022

Namaste dear friends,   

Instead of my usual ‘Things I’m Loving’ this month, with the New Year I’m in a contemplative mood and wish to share with you some reflections.  My dear friend and colleague Amy Taylor-Kabbaz (pioneer in the work of Matrescence) shared yesterday that for her 2021 has been a year of great polarity.  She describes ‘I’ve been the lowest and saddest I’ve ever been, and yet I’ve had moments of the highest highs I’ve ever felt.’ I’m sure many of you can relate.  These last few years have been big for so many of us. 

Amy’s story is unique (like all of ours) and mine isn’t as extreme but certainly 2021 was HUGE.  I met my partner and fell in love.  As if to confirm that love the great Divine Power, that I trust so much more than my own often flawed plans, gifted us a baby girl – a huge surprise and joy. 

This came with heartache.  Not all of our family members were thrilled and there have been upheavals which none of us expected.  At times it has been very hard and this process of adjustment is ongoing. I’ve learnt a lot about holding space, about sitting in discomfort and about when it’s good to compromise and let go and when it’s good to hold on and stand strong.  So here’s to 2021 a year that was if nothing else surprising and here’s to 2022 a year in which my overarching intention will be to soften and surrender whilst remaining in the centre of my intuition and strength. 


For me 2021 was a year of great:

Collaboration - I’m so incredibly blessed to work with a tribe of wonderful women and learn and grow together with them as we put our work out into the world collaboratively.  This year and next are no exception.  Some collaborations have been part of my offerings for over a decade (thank you Idit Tamir!) and others are new (so happy to be working with you Sarah McGahan!) but all are precious to me and elevate what I am able to offer to you in the most potent and sparkly way. 

Preparation – having a baby brings out all of the nesting and planning vibes in me.  I’m trying to hold this loosely with surrender and presence.  But that won’t stop me making lists, decluttering my home and planning for a year of powerful offerings and creation.  As Denise Duffield-Thomas says ‘babies bring abundance’.  They can also bring chaos if we’re not careful – but not on my watch! My biggest preparation is to create the time and space for nervous system rest and steadiness.  In a large and busy family that takes preparation. 

Contemplation - To begin healing, stop kidding yourself.  Tell the truth about your wound, and then you will get a truthful picture about the remedy to apply to it.  Don’t pack whatever is easiest and most available into the emptiness.  Hold out for the right medicine.  You will recognise it because it will make you stronger.’ Clarissa Pinkola Estes


For 2022 I hold space in my heart for:

Surrender – as a ‘pitta’ type in Ayurveda (take our Ayurveda Dosha Quiz, to find your type here!), I’m naturally a control freak.  I like to think I know best and action my plans.  But as John Lennon famously said ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’ and if there is one thing I know as I age it’s that when I’m not present in this moment, I’m missing out.  With some of my other babies I’ve rushed through the first years of motherhood in a whirlwind of busyness and external commitments.  The newborn phase with this baby will be slower.  Less productive and more present.  Because these moments won’t come back and because as I teach this message in my Yoga of Birth training, I endeavour to live it too. 


Blessing – My teacher Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti co-founder taught me that ‘with great love all is possible’. Sharon has been without a doubt the most powerful teacher in my life.  Author Clarissa Pinkola Estes (quoted above) writes in her book ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ that if we are fortunate in our lives we might have more than one mother.  Our biological mother whom we’ve chosen to teach us a whole host of lessons (in a variety of ways – some more fun than others!).  Our other chosen mothers are the elders and matriarchs who have held healing space for us at various times in our lives.  Sharon is my second mother in this sense and has been my teacher since I was 18 years old. She has agreed to present in the Bhakti Women Summit I’m hosting in February (it’s free, please join us).  One of the most powerful practices she has taught me is the Magical Power of Giving Blessings.  I’ve refined this practice in my work with Sarah McGahan.  It will be something I do every day in 2022. 

I’m sending you all so much love and a shower of blessings for the year ahead.  Remember this: you are precious, and you are loved. 

Katie Rose x   

P.S. There are a bunch of ways to join me in the New Year to make magic together.   

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