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Yoga for the Individual

Apr 12, 2022

YOGA TEACHERS ➡️ six reasons why working one to one with your yoga students will transform your teaching:


  •  You can go deeper whilst class settings (either in-person or online) are great there is only so much personal attention you can give your students in a group context. Working one-to-one allows a totally different paradigm of teaching.  Instead of a ‘led practice’ you might choose to workshop a particular pose, investigate a stumbling block or even discuss an element of yoga philosophy or lifestyle that’s deeply personal and relevant to your students needs and growth.


  •  It creates variety for you as a teacher especially if you are teaching full time the repetition of group classes can get a bit robotic. When you teach individually you’ll be entering a world of variety and a deeper engagement with your students. Working privately with students is another way to be of service and do your best work in the world.


  •  It diversifies your income (especially in the age of covid). Having a few income streams is wise in the current economic climate and working privately with students could be a new strand of income for you as a yoga teacher.


  • You’ll learn about yourself and your own practice too because our students are a mirror to us as teachers. When you go deeper with a particular student it uncovers the gold of your own self-awareness and allows you to become not only a better teacher but a better practitioner of yoga.


  •  Ayurveda and yoga work hand-in-hand ayurveda is the art and science of a life lived in wisdom. It tailors health and wellness to the individual and is the perfect compliment to a yoga practice that is designed to support an individual person’s unique constitution and needs.


  •  You can choose a niche and really specialise from pregnancy or post-natal yoga through to working with mental health, injuries, footballers or older people – the sky is the limit and there is nothing as rewarding as finding your niche and really serving a specific community. Rather than limiting your options as a teacher when you find a niche you’ll find a whole world of opportunity opens up.  In a crowded market place having a niche will help you to be a sought after yoga teacher.


Katie Rose is running an online yoga teacher training module all about working one to one with students from May 20th – 22nd.  The training will give you 25 CPD points with Yoga Alliance and / or Yoga Australia. You’ll also learn about ayurveda and boost your own self-practice thought this training.  More details are here



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