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Gender Policy Statement

katie rose yoga Apr 29, 2023

Bhakti Rose is dedicated to supporting the healing, health, well-being, and spiritual life of all members of our community. We primarily work in spaces that have traditionally been seen as women’s spaces - menstruation, reproduction, birth, post-natal care, and female hormonal cycles.

Over the past few years, the enlightening and expansive conversation around gender and its expression has invited us to reflect deeply on how our work can be inclusive and supportive of people of all genders.

We support, love, and celebrate our trans, non-binary, and intersex community members. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. We understand that not every person with a womb is a woman, and not every woman has a womb. We work hard to use inclusive language and to be a safe space for both those outside the gender binary as well as those within it.

Some of the work we do is anchored in the biology of the body and is most suitable for people who were assigned female at birth and who feel comfortable and safe in an environment that’s centered around women’s bodies and their experiences in these bodies. 

Some of the spaces we hold are for all women, including trans women. These spaces are centred around the experiences of being a woman and may not feel comfortable or appropriate for those with other gender expressions. 

Many spaces within our community are open to all gender expressions. 

There are some spaces we do not hold, as they are not part of our lived experience and we acknowledge that there are already members of these communities doing this work better than we ever could. There are many great spaces in the yoga world specifically for those who identify as gender non-conforming and the people who hold those spaces are our allies. 

If you are a trans, non-binary, or intersex person who is looking to create your own healing community and would like support or a sharing of resources to help you do that then please reach out. We’d love to hear from you and to share our knowledge with you. We have scholarship places reserved in our business trainings specifically for this purpose.

We are open to your feedback, especially if you disagree with these policies or think we could do better. We welcome anyone who wants to engage with us in this ongoing and nuanced conversation. Please reach out if any of this feels unclear or if you’re unsure about your own place within our community. 

We are always trying to learn, improve and grow. 

With loving kindness for all,

Bhakti Rose


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