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Essential Oils: A little less slip, slop, slap

essential oils Jan 24, 2022
Bhakti Rose - Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant-based distillations which contain within them (in a highly concentrated form!) the high vibrations, transformation potential and medicinal framework for healing on every level.  They smell amazing, work effectively and are a safe and effective way to bring better health into your life, your home and in service of your friends, kids, family and communities.

Here's a taster of some of the many ways I use oils every day:

  • In my cleaning rituals (in the vacuum cleaner, on the rugs in the kid’s bedrooms and even in sinks and the toilet. I also often add a couple of drops into my top-loader washing machine.)
  • In cooking (my favourites are coriander and lemongrass for this)
  • As a perfume (favourites here are the blends ‘passion’ and ‘whisper’)
  • To improve my not-great skin (thank you frankincense and geranium)
  • In my water (yep, I drink them – but you need therapeutic grade oils for this, be careful!) 

Want to get started with your oils journey?  You can order a Starter Kit here.  When you order your oils through this link you start a journey of support with me where I will mentor and guide you in their use.  I want you to get the most out of your investment in yourself and your loved ones.  Throughout the year you’ll have access to attend free workshops and trainings with me.   Here is what my oils mentor Tara Bliss has said about that,

‘Increasingly, I’m witnessing our community bring more and more reverence to the way they experience essential oils in their everyday life. Thanks to some fabulous educators in our sisterhood, I’m noticing people take their time a little more.

Truly anointing themselves in presence. A little less slip, slop, slap and a little more connection to the plant from which the oil came. Taking in the fragrant compounds slowly, rather than through rapid sniffs.

Bringing an essence of curiosity into the experience, as they allow the aroma to impart information and wisdom. Applying featherlight touch. Giving the gift of a little extra time to the application. Allowing the magic to be felt and sensed, rather than simply inhaled. As often as possible, I slow things right down, I anoint tenderly, I enter into a collaboration and I breathe. I’m also not hesitant to ask for the support that I need; whether that’s clarity, grounding, upliftment or a little help letting go of some resentment.

So yes, rub vetiver on the soles of your feet and you’ll likely find it’s an incredible sleep aid, but stay there a little longer, and give yourself a moment, and you may also learn that it brings a quality of absolute stillness into the central channel of your body, that it drains fiery energy from your field, and reminds you of how interconnected we all are. Thousands of you are healers in your own homes. Don’t forget about the grace and power that’s available when you use your oils in subtle ways.’

No matter how I use my oils I do so with great reverence and care.  It is true that these oils are precious and take a huge amount of raw material to produce.  It is important to me that we treat them with sanctity.

Got a specific oils question for me?  Feel free to email [email protected] and ask away. Again,  here’s the link for ordering your first set of oils



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