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Chakras Explained: A guide to the seven energy centres

yoga Oct 25, 2021
Bhakti Rose - Chakras Explained

Understanding and working with the chakras is one way of beginning to integrate subtle energy work into your teaching or practice of yoga. The Sanskrit word chakra means wheel. A wheel rolls, turns and, by means of cyclic or circular movement, takes one on a journey. As we progress on our spiritual path we also progress or evolve through the chakras. The following is an easy-reference chart for understanding the chakra system. Keep in mind that even though physical locations are cited, the chakras exist in the subtle or energy body. Chakras are affected most directly through sound current and vibration. Mantra is a potent yogic method for purifying the chakras and promoting the ascent of consciousness. Asanas are another potent method used for chakra cleansing.



Location: Perineum
Relationship: Parents
Element: Earth
Colour: Red
Bija Mantra: LAM
Essential Oil: Cedarwood



Location: Below the Navel
Relationship: Partnerships
Element: Water
Colour: Orange
Bija Mantra: VAM
Essential Oil: Marjoram



Location: Solar Plexus
Relationship: Others you have hurt
Element: Fire
Colour: Yellow
Bija Mantra: RAM
Essential Oil: Wild Orange



Location: Heart
Relationship: Others  who have hurt you
Element: Air
Colour: Green
Bija Mantra: YAM
Essential Oil: Geranium



Location: Throat
Relationship: See yourself as holy being
Element: Ether
Colour: Blue
Bija Mantra: HAM
Essential Oil: Grapefruit



Location: Between Eyes 
Relationship: Teacher/Guru
Element: Akasha
Colour: Indigo
Bija Mantra: OM
Essential Oil: Rosemary



Location: Crown of the Head
Relationship: God/Divine
Element: Akasha
Colour: Luminous/ All Colours
Bija Mantra: OM
Essential Oil: Cypress


With thanks to Jivamukti Yoga chakra balancing teachings and the original work of my teacher, Sharon Gannon in this field.



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