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Ashwagandha - Everything you need to know about this beautiful herb

ayurveda Oct 12, 2021
Bhakti Rose - Ashwagandha


Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb that works on re-balancing the nervous system. The root of the ashwagandha plant mirrors the nervous system in appearance with its incredible strands that grow out in a messy & organic way similar to how the peripheral nerves spiral out from the central nervous system. It is an adaptogen which means that it helps you to move from a state of polarity into a place of balance.



  • Reduces adrenal fatigue & nervous energy.
  • Increases your capacity for good sleep & helps rebuild your sleep reserves, which is a really important part of recalibrating the nervous system. 
  • Creates vitality if you’re feeling burnt out. 
  • Helpful for thyroid function & has a positive impact on your immune system.
  • Is a tonic, which helps rebuild.
  • Provides a strong bitter flavour, one of the 6 ayurvedic tastes that is hard to find in a westernised diet but very important for overall health, wellbeing & tri-doshic balance.
  • The bitter taste of ashwagandha stimulates detoxification & elimination within the body, particularly in the liver.



Ashwagandha is best taken as a fortifying, nervous system balancing drink, mixing the ground root powder into a caffeine free chai or turmeric latte. Start with a small amount & work your way up to a teaspoon in the morning & evening. A great substitute for coffee while the nervous system is taxed & in a vata state. Just remember, organic is best & consistency in dosage is key!



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