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The 6 Stages to Manifestation

ayurveda health and wellness yoga Nov 14, 2021
Bhakti Rose - 6 Stages to Manifestation

A somewhat contemporary idea and buzzword, manifestation is all about getting clear on what it is you want to attract into your life and understanding your innate capacity to magnetise and pull in the things that your heart longs for. This month, we take a look at how manifestation connects into the yoga practices and the different phases to the process of manifestation. We are pretty confident that you will be left feeling inspired and empowered to take ownership and start creating what it is you want in your life.  

A special mention to our dear friend, Jordanna Levin who has inspired our teachings with her amazing book 'Make It Happen’. A fantastic resource if you’re looking to further explore the power of manifestation!

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra says the mind lends capacity for witnessing the chatter (sakshi); observe repetitive narratives and become aware. Sadhana or conscious spiritual practice helps us to switch negative repetitive narratives into something more positive. The first stage is to get still and quiet in meditation and to notice what is going on in your mind. As your mind settles (the chitta vritti becomes slower and more stable) notice what stories, thoughts and dreams come up. See if you can consciously direct your thoughts towards what it is you are longing for spiritually. You can write these observations in a journal or notebook if you feel called to do so.

Get into your body and communicate with yourself through the body. You might do this through the yoga asana practice or you may have another embodiment practice to bring energy into action so you can feel what is going on within you. Dancing can be good, or even receiving a massage. As you feel into your body, notice any blocks or areas of constriction that prevent the flow of prana. What can you do to release them? Consciously let go of tension in your physical body through breath, movement or touch and open up to feeling the subtle pulse of the Divine through your body’s prana nadis (energy lines). Breath by breath, moment by moment, going deeper. “When we stop pushing, pulling and straining with our will and instead channel the prana in yoga asana practice we can go so much deeper. In this way physical practice takes us deeper physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Katie Rose

Stop doubting or comparing and stick to your chosen path, at least for a time. Set a resolve or ‘sankulpa’; the yogi’s promise - a commitment to yourself. The sankulpa is presented as already manifested in your life and repeated in a state of deep relaxation. Work with an affirmation and see the goal you want to achieve as already done, for example, Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu - May All Beings Everywhere be Happy and Free (and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all). 

Make some plans about what actions you will take to move towards your personal growth goals. What practical things can you say, think about or do to make your goals come to pass? Focus on taking baby steps and start with something sustainable and manageable. In order to make progress, it’s important to remember done is better than perfect (‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert). When we take steps in the right direction, even if they are small steps, universal consciousness delights and comes rushing in to support us. This is where the manifestation practices become so powerful and where an understanding of karma is imperative. What you sow you will reap in thoughts, words and actions.

With our efforts firmly in place we relax into shradha or faith in the Divine plan. Shradha allows for the letting go of the pushing and refinement through incremental magnetisation. Tests and challenges will arrive for a reason that you may or may not understand but you begin to have faith in your Divine path. Bhakti practices of chanting and devotional services help to cultivate shradha. Swaha - let go and let God!

By constantly practising yoga, yoking yourself to the Divine and practising these steps to manifest your goals you will continue to move towards living your dharma - your calling. Remember, it is far better and more powerful to live your own dharma than to try to live another. Live YOUR service. When you are truly alighted in your dharma your life starts to develop into peace and happiness. Japa meditation may be a helpful tool here.



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