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Discover how to make small changes with a big impact, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed and too busy to prioritise your physical and spiritual health. 

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Namaste, I'm Katie Rose...

I'm the founder of Bhakti Rose and a Master Teacher of Ayurveda and Yoga for over 20 years. I’ve owned and run yoga studios all over the world and spent many years studying in India, the UK, America and Australia. I’ve had the honour and blessing of learning with some of the best ayurveda teachers in the world and from some of the strongest, most authentic lineages.

Here's what we will cover ...

Shakti, Bhakti and Sadhana. Your divine feminine strength, your capacity for loving devotion and your daily practices. These are the three pillars of ayurvedic power for women and I'll be showing you how to uplevel all of them. 

Nervous system reset. Calming anxiety and soothing worry by working with your mind and emotions even when you're being pulled in lots of directions. 

Low cost and super practical self-care. Including how to make some beautiful and inexpensive skin-care preparations.

Moon cycles and hormone health. From puberty to past menopause we will look at the journey of hormonal health in our lives and learn how to steady and balance the rollercoaster.

Ayurveda is often taught in a very prescriptive, complicated and medicalised way.

That’s not my jam at all.

I’m into what works on a practical level in my busy life. With five kids and a business to run, I don’t have time for difficult and elaborate protocols and regimes. So over the years, I’ve become fascinated with the simple tweaks to a daily routine and wellness plan that make all the difference to my life.

Course director Katie Rose shares: 'As a working mother with five kiddos I know how hard the juggle can be. We're so often running on adrenaline and chasing the clock.  These practices have helped me to stay on top of things and in this training I will share with you the journey to vibrant health on all levels.'

FREE Women's Wellness and Ayurveda Mini-Course

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Simple lifestyle tweaks for a vibrant, â€¨creative and abundant life. This FREE course will help you improve your physical and spiritual wellness in practical and straight-forward ways.

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