How to make a Sacred Peace Mandala

Peace Mandala Explanation

Purpose of the practice:

  • As we do the practice we chant a mantra or song in order to bring together our group consciousness and individual focus. There is great healing and power in sound vibration, nada yoga.

  • In order to get out of our ‘thinking’ heads and into our ‘feeling’ hearts we use our bodies, specifically ‘anjali’ the hands to physically construct a beautiful sacred offering.

  • Mandala’s always look different according to the region, the participants and the focus of intention. This in itself is a beautiful reflection of the natural artistry involved.

  • Some may feel they are not creative or good at making beautiful offerings – but everyone, even children can do this.

  • Gives form to bhakti – devotion.

  • Intention is amplified through the physical ritual, we let go more strongly and manifest more effectively when we engage physically in our intentions. This is seen in the rites and rituals of many religions such as puja or mass.

  • The mandala is always circular, no beginning, no end and no hierarchy – represents all working together in a feminine model outside of the patriarchal model of teacher and taught.

  • We try to engage all our senses in the process especially sight, smell, touch, sound. We may also represent the qualities of the elements of fire, earth, water, air and space in our mandala.

  • After completion the mandala is returned to the sacred earth, from where it came. Seeds and grains feed the birds.

Items in the mandala:

Colourful, ancestral cloth represents connection to ancestry, working on the floor to facilitate connection to the earth and humility.

Seeds and grains represent the abundant plant-based food source from Mother Nature.

Flowers represent beauty and sweet fragrance (engaging all the senses).

Crystals and sacred objects represent our ability to amplify and channel energy. Symbols of particular qualities (such as the goddess or elemental forms).

Other items from nature (discarded feathers, tree bark etc.) represents respect and reverence for the animal kingdom and plant beings. Never use animal products which have not been found in nature or sourced without harm.

Shells represent the element of water and the power and majesty of Mother Ocean.


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