Sādhanā: a spiritual practice, a means of accomplishing something, a daily act done consciously, reverentially, “everything can be sādhanā... using everything as a tool for your wellbeing”.

Over time my personal sādhanā has evolved to a quiet morning practice;

As soon as I wake I boil the kettle and brew my tea, while my tea is brewing I light a stick of incense and put it to burn at my little alter. Then I sit and stare at the trees while I drink my tea, when I’m finished I practice pranayama and sit in stillness and silence, eyes closed, for a while. When I emerge from that silence I journal or read.

This practice - a key part of a holistic understanding of Ayurveda - has allowed me to know myself better, enabling me to make empowered decisions about my own balance, my wellbeing.

And yet until undertaking my training with Katie I had barely heard of sādhanā, despite being passionate about Ayurveda, this life changing practice wasn’t even on my radar.

I came to ‘Everyday Sādhāna’ training a little battered by life; bruised and a little broken. But the space that Katie created was so safe and so nurturing that even from the very first weekend I began to experience a healing that I didn’t even know I needed.

She guided our intimate group through not just information about Ayurveda but an embodied experience of it that was wholly relevant to and reverent of our Australian life.

I learnt that the real power in Ayurveda is not in it’s clinics and diagnostics (though they hold immense value) but in its application to everyday living; to recognising the rhythms and cycles of ourselves and the world and acting accordingly.

From our training I began an enquiry into myself which, while always ongoing, has enabled me to create my own sādhāna; my own daily practice that supports me and gives me the space to observe and respond, on a day to day basis, to what is happening within and around me.

As a yoga teacher it has gifted me the ability to create classes that respond to the cycles of nature intelligently and to support my students in their enquiry into themselves and their capacity to own their wellbeing.

I am immensely grateful to Katie for sharing, so authentically, her knowledge and wisdom. It has created a depth to my practice that continues to resonate in my life.


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