This beautiful essay was written as part of a group project during the Sacred Scripture module of the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training I run each year with Idit Hefer-Tamir at Sukha Mukha Yoga. So inspiring! Thanks to the authors Ariana, Dana, Iris, Michelle F and Michelle S. Hari OM!

hOMe or OM or actually AAAUUUUUMMMMM…

According to yoga mythology, from the Universal Vibration of AUM, our hOMe and the whole universe arose. We are all cosmic beings, interconnected and part of the universe. We tune into the frequency of the universe when we chant “Om”.

For most of us hOMe our physical home is where we live; our families, our shelter, where we feel we belong…however that security can change in an instant eg, a death of a loved one, illness, a natural disaster, war…

So what happens to our feeling of safety and peace when we are reliant on all the changing forces around us to remain constant as our hOMe? Can we instead find that which is constant so that our feeling of safety and peace is never threatened or compromised? Are we able to shed away all that we often initially perceive as hOMe? Then what are we left with?

We are left with our soul, heart and inner being, which we can access through our individual yoga practice, to discover the deepest part of us which is our true hOMe. Without relying on a specific place, we have the ability to arrive back hOMe anytime, anywhere, through yoga and meditation to HEAL.

“We come (to our yoga practice) for refuge, and then we become the refuge”. Jasmine Natasha Tarkeshi

What we find is by turning inwards and developing a more intimate relationship with ourselves, we are more able to move out into the world and engage in a more authentic and intimate way. And isn’t this Yoga? To unite? To connect?

When we practice becoming comfortable with those things with which we are most uncomfortable with we become able to take a steady and comfortable seat in all situations (sthira sukham asanam PYS 2:46).

When we feel safe and whole within ourselves, we return to our natural state of joy, peace and loving kindness. This is our true, unchanging hOMe. There is no longer anything that we need to search for, attain, accumulate, or gain from the external world to make us feel whole or complete.

“But those who realise the Self are always satisfied. Having found the source of joy and fulfillment, they no longer seek happiness from the external world. They have nothing to gain or lose by any action; Neither people nor things can affect their security”. Bhagavad Gita

From this place of hOMe where we feel joyful, content and safe, we can become more aware of what our heart is looking for in this lifetime; happiness and freedom. Then we realise our heart is no different to that of every other life form. Then we ask ourselves- with nothing to gain or lose, what are we willing and able to offer?

Planet Earth is hOMe. The most important way that nature connects with your spirit can be summed up in the simple fact that nature is one and the same as you are. Atha – NOW! What can you do today, in this moment, to take care of your hOMe?

By Ariana Koller, Dana Amir, Iris Toren, Michelle Feng & Michelle Ser

Inspired by the book: Ganesha Goes To Lunch and words by Dr Jeff Miller


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