Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

with Katie Rose and Edwina Peden

Sunday 8th October - Wednesday 11th October

You know that cleansing is good for you and you want to do it, but it's also hard to find the motivation and staying power to do it alone.  In a group cleanse you'll be supported by the momentum of the group to keep up. Not only will we de-tox our diets over three days - cutting out any junk, but we will also look at the mindset hacks that can help you stay on track and let go of bad habits when it comes to food, alcohol, caffeine and negative thinking

Transition into the warmer weather feeling abundant with vibrant health with a simple ayurvedic cleanse.  🌸🍃✨

Once you've registered you'll be granted access to our online portal which contains the videos and recipes you will need.  We will also go though how it will all work on our first call (Sunday morning).  The cleanse is very adaptable you can go 'hard core' and really jump in with both feet or if you've got other commitments at this time in your life or health issues to work with I'll give lots of options for taking it more gently. 

In addition to the food side of things we will also look at abhyanga (self-massage) and other self-care techniques.  This will be a precious time outside of your usual routines where you get to really care for yourself and press the reset button. 


Live Zoom calls (1 hour each):

🪔 Sunday 8th October at 11am with Edwina Peden (preparation call)

🪔 Tuesday 10th October at 9:30am with Katie Rose and Edwina Peden (mindset call)

🪔 Wednesday 11th October at 4pm with Edwina Peden (wrap up call).

Recordings will be made available if you can't show up live.

You will receive access to the online portal where you will find everything you need to know to effectively cleanse at home.

✨🍛 Including...

  • Recipes and detailed instructions on how to do the cleanse (which is mostly oriented around a delicious one-pot dish of lentils and rice called kitchari - you won't go hungry!). 
  • 2 x Pre-recorded lectures about ayurveda and food to inspire your cleanse and get you motivated. 
  • A bonus eBook with optional self-care practices to layer into your cleanse. 
  • 1 x bonus live zoom 'mindset' session to help you overcome cravings and stay on track. 
  • 2 x live zoom sessions (plus access to recordings if you miss them) to get you started on the cleanse and then for reflection at the end. 

We're looking forward to cleansing with you and feeling all sparkly and new for Spring! 

💖 Katie & Edwina x

What People Are Saying:

This was an amazing and transformative experience, filled with beautiful content, ancient wisdom, knowledge and love. It has been wonderful connecting with other students, and has been a huge part of my personal development and healing journey. Katie is a fabulous teacher and a beautiful soul.


I loved every part of this. Katie Rose is an amazing teacher and she explains everything very easy to be understood. She is also very down to earth, she teaches ayurveda adapted to a modern world. I was expecting a course with lectures and more structure and I found a training that was more like a daily support. Listening to other women in a relaxing atmosphere was beautiful. Thank you.


$47.00 AUD