Women's Circle

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7.30am Saturday 16th January 2021 (via zoom). A recording will be sent to you if you can't make it live. 

From teacher Eve White: I am proud of my Aboriginal heritage I am a Wiradjuri woman from country NSW a little town called Parkes. Our Aboriginality was not embraced in the past, which is why I’m so passionate about keeping this beautiful culture alive and why I have created a Cultural Awareness course for yoga teachers.

As a yoga teacher for the last 8 years whilst discovering more about my Aboriginal heritage, I was finding so many synchronicities in these ancient cultures. Every-time we open a yoga class we are holding ceremony connecting with breath and mother earth, to connect with the long lineage of culture and ceremony beneath our feet makes each class more meaningful and potent.


From a modern-day perspective we look at the world as if it is simplistic but through a complex lens, from an Aboriginal perspective we look at the world as if it is complex but through a simple lens.

Eve White