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'Namaste and welcome! 'Bhakti Rose Collective' invites you to bring health, balance and beauty into your daily life and practice. It is a toolkit with which you can reclaim your inner sparkle.

Our monthly membership offering is now closed but we have bundled together the last year of content in this Collective.  For only $250 you will get instant access to a whole year's juicy content on a hugely diverse range of natural health and yoga topics.'

- Katie Rose (author and course director) 


With this exclusive online offering, well-known author, yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner and doula Katie Rose invites you to bring health, balance and beauty into your daily life and practice.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Katie works with the Southern Hemisphere seasons and will guide you to embrace them in all elements of your life, for abundant good health and inspired daily spiritual connection. A toolkit for life in which you can gain knowledge to pass on for generations to come. Woven around different themes, carefully selected and gracefully presented, this package full of wisdom and beauty. 

In addition to the bundle of education and inspiration, you will get access to an active private Facebook Group where you can connect with others and be part of our community.

Themes we cover include:

  • Gut health and digestion
  • Spiritual activism
  • Yoga and ayurveda
  • Immunity
  • Beauty and self-care
  • 'Slower is faster' - a mindful approach to stress management 
  • Yoni steaming and healthy moon cycles for women
  • Celebrating our holy teachers (lineage and the conversation around honouring culture)
  • Manifestation 
  • Yogi as healer
  • Balancing your nervous system

In this collection you will get:

  • Exclusive audio and video content
  • Beautifully curated and themed mini e-books
  • Wisdom filled resource pointers and reading recommendations
  • Practical actionable wisdom to apply to your own life and what you teach or share in the world

Course founder Katie Rose shares: 'what has surprised me the most about learning and teaching online is that it really can positively impact the way I’m feeling, just as radically as a real life workshop!'

Bringing ancient wisdom to life:

The benefit of learning from home is just that: you are at home - so when we talk about changes to your diet, lifestyle, kitchen and personal beauty regimes it’s all right there in front of you.

These collected resources are all offered to balance your health and uplift your spirit at your own pace. With each module anchored in a particular topic the teachings can be easily applied into your daily life or, if you are a yoga teacher, used as a teaching inspiration. Enjoy this exclusive content - affordable and available in your own time.  Here is some of what we cover: 

  • Women's hormonal health and wellness including yoga asana amendments and application for moon-cycle support
  • Indigenous Australian wisdom and activism
  • Ayurvedic natural health and beauty remedies you can make at home
  • Seasonal cleansing and detox (including recipes) 
  • Business skills for women who work in the wellness industry (yoga teachers that is you!) 
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness for yoga teachers 
  • Great guest interviews and videos as well as lots from program director Katie Rose
  • Tons more!  It's such good value! 
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About Katie Rose: 

Katie is an ayurveda consultant, yoga teacher and doula. Women’s health and wellbeing are Katie’s specialty. She holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia and over 20 years, has trained hundreds of yoga teachers.

Katie is grounded in her own conscious spiritual practice. She is also an authentic, clear communicator. Her life-long practice has led her to create a vibrant community who she nurtures, towards discovering their own spiritual expression. Katie is a mother of four boys and lives in Sydney, Australia.

About Bhakti Rose: We help busy women overcome feelings of overwhelm, low self-esteem and a lack of energy.  Using the teachings of yoga and ayurveda our trainings will bring you back to centre and help you reclaim your sparkle.

When you join a Bhakti Rose online training you join a community of like-minded sisters.  We have each other’s backs and we meet regularly (via zoom) to sit in sacred circle together and support health and wellbeing.  As well as learning about improving your lifestyle choices during our trainings you will be gently encouraged to keep-up and you will find positive connection and spiritual friendship in our tribe.

Once you sign up you’ll not only have access to the course you’ve chosen but also to email support, a lively Facebook group and a lifetime’s journey of finding and deepening your spiritual practice. We promise to hold your hand along the way whenever you need it.

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What people are saying: 

'This course was incredible. The personal growth I experienced along with the knowledge I gained is something I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Katie and Team.' 
'I absolutely loved this course. The course was well presented, easy to follow and understand. The teaching material and lectures were fantastic and I love the fact that I can go back in my own time to listen and watch.'
- Sylivia
'This course truly does speak to the modern busy woman. The content is SO relevant and I love Katie's straight up character in delivering this ancient knowledge and wisdom in a simple way, especially in the videos.'
- Jane

What people are saying: "Katie Rose is an inspired and gifted teacher with so much to offer. Her lifelong commitment to the art of teaching yoga, her profound knowledge and generous spirit has inspired me on my own journey as a teacher. Katie has deep insights, clear delivery and original content to share with all who are blessed to take her trainings."


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